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Cheap cloud VPS hosting with the highest virtual server reliability & performance! True virtual servers built for speed.

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Plan Features
Memory (RAM)
SSD Storage
Geekbench Score
Dedicated IP
Full Root Access
100 Mb/s Network
IPV4 & IPV6 Support
24/7/365 Support

1 vCPU

1 vCPU

1 Core
1 GB
20 GB
1 TB

2 vCPU

2 vCPU

2 Cores
2 GB
40 GB
2 TB

3 vCPU

3 vCPU

3 Cores
3 GB
60 GB
3 TB

4 vCPU

4 vCPU

4 Cores
4 GB
80 GB
4 TB

6 vCPU

6 vCPU

6 Cores
6 GB
120 GB
6 TB

8 vCPU

8 vCPU

8 Cores
8 GB
160 GB
8 TB

*All our VPS plans are based on OVZ virtualization technology.

VPS features

VPS hosting platform features

SSD Disk Drives

You can never go wrong with our own top-notch dedicated servers, loaded with the latest Intel Xeon processors, terabytes of SSD disk space and 128 GB of RAM per server.

100 Mb/s Network

We can guarantee an excellent experience and loading time for your successful online business any time and in any place.

Dedicated IP

One of many premium features is a dedicated IP address. Even the cheapest VPS hosting plan is fully packed with dedicated IPv4 & IPv6 Internet protocols.

Our WordPress Experts Just Love to Help
Our WordPress Experts Just Love to Help
Full Root Access

With full root access you will be able to take full control of your server very easy and quick. To use all the power provided effectively, you will have to have very little technical knowledge.

IPv6 Support

Our VPS hosting plan is fully packed with dedicated IPv6 Internet protocol. By using a dedicated IP, all your scripts & extensions will work as fast as possible.

30-day money-back guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with Hostinger, we’ll refund your payment. No hassle, no risk to start your journey with Hostinger today.

Operational System Templates

VPS hosting platform with maximum speed & stability

CentOS Operating System

Lightweight, fast and reliable - these are the core tenets of CentOS. It is one of the best Enterprise-level operating systems that aims for speed and stability, without cutting out security. Inspired by Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS is also a formidable option for VPS hosting.


CentOS 8 64bit

CentOS 7 64bit with Webuzo control panel

CentOS 7 64bit with Webmin/Virtualmin/LAMP

CentOS 7 64bit with Webmin

CentOS 7 64bit with cPanel and WHM

CentOS 7 64bit with Plesk

CentOS 7 64bit minimal

CentOS 7 64bit

CentOS 6 64bit with Webuzo control panel

CentOS 6 64bit with Webmin/Virtualmin/LAMP

CentOS 6 64bit with Webmin

CentOS 6 64bit with VestCP control panel

CentOS 6 64bit with cPanel and WHM

CentOS 64bit minimal

CentOS 6 64bit

CentOS 6 32bit with Webmin

CentOS 6 32bit minimal

CentOS 6 32bit

CentOS Web Panel (CWP)

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Ubuntu Operating System

Ubuntu is one of the top OS picks for web servers on the planet. The open-source nature of Ubuntu lends itself to be a perfect tool for users that want a flexible and stable environment. This OS is ideal for any online project that demands high security and a customizable stack.


Ubuntu 18.04 64bit with VestaCP control panel

Ubuntu 18.04 64bit with Webmin/Virtualmin/LAMP

Ubuntu 18.04 64bit with Plesk Onyx

Ubuntu 16.04 64bit with Webuzo

Ubuntu 16.04 64bit with Webmin/Virtualmin/LAMP

Ubuntu 16.04 64bit with Webmin

Ubuntu 16.04 64bit with VestaCP control panel

Ubuntu 16.04 64bit with LXDE Desktop

Ubuntu 16.04 64bit

Ubuntu 14.04 64bit with Webuzo control panel

Ubuntu 14.04 64bit with Webmin/Virtualmin/LAMP

Ubuntu 14.04 64bit with Webmin

Ubuntu 14.04 64bit with VestaCP control panel

Ubuntu 14.04 64bit with LXDE Desktop

Ubuntu 14.04 64bit minimal

Ubuntu 14.04 64bit

Ubuntu 12.04 64bit minimal

Ubuntu 12.04 64bit

Ubuntu 14.04 32bit with Webmin

Ubuntu 14.04 32bit minimal

Ubuntu 14.04 32bit

Ubuntu 12.04 32bit minimal

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Fedora Operating System

Fedora is simple, unbloated and highly polished, serving as a great starting point. Besides that, it is secure, efficient, and highly customizable. Fedora is based on and supported by Red Hat, which means you will be using a powerful and well taken care of tool.


Fedora 23 64bit

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Debian Operating System

Stability and speed - the main advantages of running Debian as your web server OS. Significant speed benefits, bug tracking systems, and multiple architectures make it flexible and reliable. Easy upgrades, strict security, and a top-notch packaging system.


Debian 8 64bit with Webmin/Virtualmin/LAMP

Debian 8 64bit with Webmin

Debian 8 64bit with VestaCP control panel

Debian 8 64bit minimal

Debian 8 64bit McMyAdmin

Debian 8 64bit

Debian 7 64bit with Webmin/Virtualmin/Lamp

Debian 7 64bit with Webmin

Debian 7 64bit with VestCP control panel

Debian 7 64bit minimal

Debian 7 64bit

Debian 7 32bit with Webmin

Debian 7 32bit minimal

Debian 7 32bit

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Suse Operating System

A leading contributor to several large projects, an excellent open-source OS that provides a phenomenal experience right off the bat. Rolling releases will keep you on the cutting edge. Stable, performance oriented and backed up by a large community.


Suse 42.2 64bit

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Breathe new life into your website with Hostinger Cloud VPS

Easy to use VPS hosting

Cheap VPS hosting is actually possible and Hostinger has proved that. Now, for the price of shared web hosting you can have your own, personal cloud server and no longer share your web hosting space with anyone else. A top-class performance with the lowest price guarantee is our motto! That's why we never oversell our virtual server resources and your websites will run without any interruptions on an incredibly high speed.

Dedicated 24/7 Live support

Professional Customer Success team's assistance is something that you won't find anywhere else for unmanaged VPS hosting services. Yet, our Team of professionals is always ready to assist you at any time & any day with no delays - and that's another reason why Hostinger cloud VPS is in fact, your best VPS hosting choice. Here, at Hostinger, our clients' happiness is our number one priority and when in need - a helping hand is always given.

Top-level Data Backups

Advanced cloud-based infrastructure, an easy-to-use and to manage VPS control panel makes Hostinger virtual private server your #1 choice. Only with a few clicks you can install the most popular OS or web scripts, power your virtual server on and off, reboot it, make backups, restore containers via cpanel and much more! Hostinger cloud server hosting - your best virtual private server choice India has to offer!

Easy Web Script & OS installer

All our VPS hosting plans come with a developer friendly auto installer along with the most popular web scripts & operating system templates. Premium collection of engineer-optimized VPS installation containers will do all the hard work for you. Now you can install almost any Linux operating system, with or without add-ons, build Minecraft or VPN servers, start an ultra fast WordPress VPS cloud server or simply integrate all-in-one LAMP with only one simple click.

Dedicated IP with IPv4 & IPv6

Get premium features with our cheap VPS hosting! Our philosophy is to provide the highest specs for the lowest price. One of many premium features is a dedicated IP address. Even the cheapest VPS hosting plan is fully packed with dedicated IPv4 & IPv6 Internet protocols. By using our virtual private servers, you’ll be able to start IPv4 mapping features for custom port connections. By using a dedicated IP, all your scripts & extensions will work with no problems!

Ultimate hardware & SSD space

Guaranteed private server resources is our credo! We will never oversell our cloud based VPS, so all your websites will always run with top-level performance and incredibly high speed. Feel the difference with our own top-notch dedicated servers, loaded with the Intel CPU and SSD disk space for the best possible experience. These state-of-art servers will guarantee you the ultimate computing power and blazing fast speed.

VPS hosting that gives you what you want and need

Cloud-based VPS - your best choice to boost your website's speed up to 30 times compared to any shared web hosting service.

Build it, own it

Hostinger give you the chance to build a project the way you want it. Our VPS hosting allows the use of multiple kernels and offers of a wide range of operating systems ready to install in 1-click.

Simple, but powerful management tools

Maximize the potential of your Virtual Private Server. Serious Hardware, serious Linux Optimization and a team of experts maintaining it around the clock.

Our WordPress Experts Just Love to Help

VPS tutorials to get you started

Find all the information you need in one place. Just one click to get an answer to any question

35 Linux Commands Every User Should Know
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30 day money-back guarantee

If you are not happy with our services for whatever reason, we’ll refund your payment. No hassle, no risk.

VPS hosting: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Find answers to some frequently asked questions about cheap VPS hosting & best virtual private servers.

A VPS stands for “Virtual Private Server.” Let's break it down: as the name suggests, it is a private server, which means, that it will be exclusively yours. Having a VPS service gives you a set amount of resources that you don’t need to share with anyone. It’s kind of like having your very own dedicated or private server, but virtual.

In this case, “virtual” means that it is a partition on a physical server, that is dedicated to you. This virtual server gives you the chance to gain root access, install your preferred OS and work on your project with unparalleled freedom.

We take care of the back-end business, manage the physical servers, guarantee speed, uptime, and stability, while you can focus entirely on your project.

The two services are similar, but there are some fundamental differences. A VPS server will let you create multiple instances on a single dedicated server. While a VDS or Virtual Dedicated Server will do the same, but take up the entirety of the dedicated server.

Virtual Private Server hosting is the perfect price-power option for large projects as it grants large amounts of dedicated resources and the most control while being infinitely cheaper than having your own physical dedicated server.

Cloud computing is a method of using resources through a network of interlinked remote servers rather than a single, dedicated machine. Cloud computing takes advantage of the high-speed internet and by using sophisticated software, can compute various demanding applications with great efficiency. This kind of computing can manage, process and store data as a regular server. There are several significant benefits that cloud computing provides: it is incredibly flexible, seamlessly scalable, resilient and stable and allows smooth migration.

There are a few things that make VPS hosting the best option for specific projects. In short: if you need a lot of resources and unparalleled stability - VPS hosting is for you, but the actual answer is a little bit longer.

First of all, VPS hosting gives you dedicated resources. That means you don’t need to share your CPU power, RAM or disk space. You have an allocated amount that you control at your will, entirely.

The nature of virtual server hosting guarantees stability. Since all the resources are carefully managed and allocated to the users, you can rest easy knowing that any periods of high usage will not impact your server stability.

Lastly, arguably the most significant advantage of VPS hosting comes at the highest price. You get root access and unparalleled control of the resources granted. That means that you can install a wide range of operating systems, work on resource-heavy projects and do much more, than with shared hosting. But sadly, the customer support team will only help you with questions relating to VPS hosting management and other back-end related queries.

VPS and Shared hosting have some similarities, but they’re fundamentally different kinds of services.

Shared hosting packages are aimed for small projects, such as personal blogs and similar sites. Resource intensive or high-traffic projects might encounter issues while using a shared hosting service. Shared hosting is incredibly beginner friendly and fully managed, which means that our customer support team will be able to help out with most issues that might occur with your project.

VPS hosting, on the other hand, provides you with dedicated resources that you don’t need to share. Every virtual private server hosting plan makes sure that you get the highest control of your resources. Control your CPUs, Burst RAM, manage root access and use your preferred OS. The downside of VPS hosting is that, while we cover the back-end and server monitoring, maintaining it 24/7, we can provide limited help to your project concerning customer support. While all VPS hosting and control panel questions we will help with, programming, coding and other queries of similar nature won't be covered.

Virtual server hosting is aimed towards more tech-savvy users. If you need a small website, you’re probably better off with shared hosting or premium hosting.

But if you require a lot of computing power and maximum control VPS hosting is only second to a dedicated server. Intensive websites, web apps, online game servers, databases and other kinds of complex projects are perfect for a VPS hosting service. VPS hosting provides more control than any other service, as you can install your preferred OS and take advantage of root access.

VPS hosting services are semi-managed, which means that with some issues you’ll have to consult the knowledge base and tutorials, rather than receive help from our customer support.

VPS hosting grants unmatched control of your experience. To use all the power provided effectively, you will have to have technical knowledge.

VPS hosting services are semi-managed. Our customer support team will do their best to help with every single query that might arise and all questions relating to the back-end or control panel will be answered, but project related, front-end questions will not be covered.

When you read about VPS hosting, some questions naturally arise. Let's say, if there are multiple users on the same dedicated server, running virtual private servers, will they be able to access my data? That’s a valid question to raise, but in this case, we can happily inform you that you’re safe. All VPS hosting services are safely partitioned by specific software, which guarantees top-notch protection.

In addition all Hostinger servers are protected by BitNinja, advanced DDoS protection and other custom built tools that both monitor and protect our entire infrastructure.

All VPS hosting plans provide the user with a dedicated IP address.

Yes, you can! That’s the beauty of a VPS hosting service. It gives unparalleled control over your project! On Hostinger you can pick between dozens of different Linux based operating systems to suit your needs.

The best time to turn to VPS hosting is when you have gathered up the technical knowledge that you may need for this endeavor or when your shared hosting account no longer provides enough resources for your project, and you need to go bigger!

Of course! We have prepared 6 different plans that can fit any project. With every growth period, you can nearly seamlessly pick a more powerful plan and upgrade with no downtime at all.

No, at the moment we only provide Linux OS based VPS hosting.

Are you looking for something else?