Check Domain Name Availability
Check Domain Name Availability

Hostinger’s WHOIS search tool lets you check whether your desired domain name is available. If yes, you can immediately employ our domain checker and buy it.

Find a Domain Name Owner
Find a Domain Name Owner

If your chosen domain names are already registered, use our WHOIS lookup tool to search for publicly available information about the current domain registrar and owner, including their name and personal contact information. Then, you can try negotiating the price for your desired domain name.

Check the Expiration Date
Check the Expiration Date

Our WHOIS lookup tool makes it easy to find out when a domain name registration is about to expire. If the current owner decides not to renew, you can seize the opportunity and grab the name immediately for your website once it is available.

What is the WHOIS Domain Lookup Tool?

Hostinger’s WHOIS lookup tool displays the most up-to-date registration data and other relevant information about domains from the official WHOIS domain database. You can use the tool as many times as you want completely free of charge.

How Does It Work

As soon as a person registers a domain name, they have to submit all the relevant information to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Using the tool, you can access some of this information on the WHOIS database.


Discover answers to the most frequently asked questions about the WHOIS lookup database.

While the WHOIS database lists all registered domains, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) maintains and updates it regularly

With the help of the database, you can gather information about domain names, including the present domain registrar, domain registration and expiration date, as well as the personal contact details of the domain owner.

During the domain registration process, it is necessary to submit personal information, like your name, email, phone number, and address.

The public WHOIS database listing then stores this information that anyone can access using the domain lookup functionality. However, domains registered in the EU are an exception due to the GDPR.

Alternatively, a WHOIS service can also hide these details. This WHOIS Privacy Protection feature ensures registration data privacy, making the personal information of the respective owners secure by substituting them with proxy server details. Hostinger also offers this feature, which you can seamlessly activate via hPanel.

Yes, you can use the WHOIS search tool to look up information on domain names at no cost. Moreover, you can use it as many times as you want.

Executing a WHOIS search is very easy. Just click on the Search button after entering the domain name into the search box above, and our tool will extensively search the WHOIS database and come up with all available domain name registration records.

You should update your WHOIS data to comply with the ICANN rules and be able to get correspondence from your hosting provider.

Hostinger’s control panel allows you to update your WHOIS information seamlessly. Simply update the Domains section after logging into your hPanel account.

When domain name owners opt for WHOIS Privacy Protection, the domain registrars change their information with proxy server details as per WHOIS protocol.

Domain registry operators can also hide certain registration data in line with GDPR and other local data protection and privacy laws.

Hostinger’s domain names come with an optional WHOIS privacy setting. To set it up on your hPanel account, follow our WHOIS Privacy activation guide.

Note that even if you do not activate the WHOIS privacy protection service, your contact information and other personal details will be hidden automatically if your domain is registered in the EU due to the GDPR.

Yes. When you use our tool to search for a domain name for your website, the WHOIS query results will show whether the domain name is available for purchase. If yes, you can buy it immediately and register.

However, our Domain Checker tool serves this purpose more seamlessly. It shows more alternative options for your queries, including various domain name possibilities and extensions for your website.