How to use Domain Checker

Enter the page name you are interested in. Do it with or without the .com or any other extension, there is no difference. Hit 'Check it' and get the best deals available with multiple domain extensions. By the way, use this tip – choose a domain name that is short, easy to remember and pronounce. Find more tips at the bottom of this page.

Choose a domain extension that fits you best

Most Popular Domains

Most popular domain in the world for commercial purposes.
Intended to use for organisations involved in networking.
Domain extension for social and non-profit organizations.

Best Domain Deals

Most popular new gTLD domain representing Generation XYZ.
Dedicated to the entities connected to the UK.
Second level domain representing personal use in UK.

Individual Domain Names

Good choice for the domain name dedicated to mobile users.
Mostly used by individuals to represent themselves.
Best for informational sites and no.4 domain rank overall.

7 Tips to Choose Your Perfect Domain Name

Perfect Domain Name Tips
  • Make it easy to remember.
  • Keep the name as short as possible.
  • Make it relevant to your target audience.
  • Make domain extensions research - there are more than 800 of them.
  • Protect your brand by buying the same name with most popular domain extensions.
  • Avoid hyphens and numbers.
  • Don't wait if you have a good domain name idea - register it now, as good domain names are worth a fortune.

Why register your domain with Hostinger

Quality Service

Right price with quality service

Our goal is to provide affordable services with maximum quality. We are recognised as one of the most efficiently working companies with the best in class support and will keep improving your user experience to keep you happy.
Trusted company

Trusted company

Choose only a trusted domain provider. Hostinger is part of the elite ICANN accredited domain registrars community with 40 business units and more than 1 mln clients across the world.
Exclusive prices

Exclusive prices

You can choose all popular domain name endings like, .com, .net, but what you probably don't know is that we have some really exceptional deals like .xyz domain where you get a domain at an especially attractive price. Learn more here.
24/7 customer support

24/7 customer support

We are here to help you any time. Our customer support is working 24/7 to keep your domain and website up 99.9%.
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