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Minecraft Server HostingMinecraft Server Hosting

Minecraft Server Hosting Features

Seamless setup
Seamless setup

The onboarding procedure for modded Minecraft server or any other server version involves instant setup and does not even take five minutes; hence you can be back to play Minecraft within a jiffy. Just choose the best Minecraft server plan, complete the registration, and you are ready to launch your game server securely with DDoS protection.

Dedicated IPv4/IPv6 addresses
Dedicated IPv4/IPv6 addresses

A dedicated IP address helps you to secure your Minecraft game server and safeguard it from DDoS attacks. Apart from DDoS protection, you are able to get direct and more hassle-free access to your server files through full FTP access.

Automated backups
Automated backups

There is no chance to lose your progress with our game servers, so do not worry. In case something occurs, it is possible to restore your most current backup from the control panel in moments with instant setup. You can carry on creating your world without a break, using the control panel.

Manifold Minecraft Server types
Manifold Minecraft Server types

From our hosting company, you get countless server versions for various categories of Minecraft players accompanied by DDoS protection. Ranging from Spigot, Forge, to Official, users can seamlessly switch between web server types with the help of our Game Panel. You can also avail of Minecraft free mysql database hosting, free subdomain, and so on.

Install Modpacks and plugins
Install Modpacks and plugins

Our mod automatic installers and plugins help you to customize the gameplay as per your choice. Manual addition of mods and third-party plugins is also possible due to the full file access.

Swift SSD & high-clock speed CPUs
Swift SSD & high-clock speed CPUs

Our VPS utilizes the finest quality hardware to produce speedy and lag free servers. Every online server comes with terabytes of SSD storage and industry-standard Intel Xeon Processors.

Seamless setup with Game Panel

With the help of our game control panel, server management is completely hassle-free, irrespective of whether you are an experienced or a novice Minecraft host. You get the benefit of full root access and a user-friendly interface, which enables customized configuration of the server.

Seamless setup with Game Panel

Top-notch enterprise data backups

Did an accident make you lose your progress? Relax, as a dependable Minecraft hosting provider, we take care of that. You don’t have to begin from scratch but just go to the control panel. With the help of our automated backups and RAID-10 technology, you will be able to save your data and restore it within moments from the VPS Hosting’s control panel.

Top-notch enterprise data backups

Limitless plugins and mods

Each Minecraft hosting plan is accompanied by one-click installers for pre-selected plugins and mods to make the installation process seamless. Plugins and mods from third-party sources can also be installed via the File Manager or FTP/SSH, with our Minecraft hosting plans.

Limitless plugins and mods

Ultra-low latency

As one of the esteemed Minecraft server hosting providers, Hostinger has multiple servers worldwide, hence you can choose the one that is closest to you. It guarantees low latency and great pings for the players. As the distance becomes shorter, the game servers perform faster, and the gaming experience becomes smoother.

Ultra-low latency

Minecraft Server Hosting FAQs

Frequently asked questions about our game server hosting service and their answers

Minecraft is a sandbox video game in which players can create their own experiences and worlds by utilizing 3D blocks. As we write this document, the game currently has 141 million active players per month worldwide.

Since the game is so popular, a number of players prefer to create their own Minecraft servers. Own Minecraft launcher enables them to customize the game as per their choice and develop a community with fellow enthusiasts. There is also the potential for extra income generation.

You just require a few minutes to set up your own Minecraft server:

1. Select your choicest Minecraft Hosting plan and complete the buying process.

2. Configure your VPS’s settings by logging in to Hostinger. Give your server a name, select a server location, and set up the root password.

3. Make use of the credentials available in the VPS’s control panel, and sign in to the Game Panel.

4. Build a new instance, select a Minecraft server edition, and wait for the instance to be established.

5. Lastly, launch the Minecraft server online by hitting the Start button. Now, you will be able to play the game through the Minecraft client. There is also the scope of further configuring the server settings.

You’re done with launching the server securely with DDoS protection. If there is any problem with Minecraft hosting plans, just get in touch with our customer support team available to assist you with hosting a Minecraft server 24/7.

Purchasing a Minecraft Hosting plan, configuring the VPS servers, and setting up the server instance take just 5 to 10 minutes.

We have the best Minecraft Server Hosting plans that come with DDoS protection, whose cost varies from ₹639.00/month to ₹5,999.00/month.

Chart out your goals and requirements for the Minecraft server to select the appropriate subscription. If your aim is to operate a Vanilla server with a small group of players, you can go for the Alex plan, which is a great Minecraft hosting option in this case. It is possible to host as many as 10 users using the 2GB RAM and 2vCPU hardware. You can try out apex hosting which brings in countless options for your Minecraft server hostings.

Minecraft hosting plans like Wolf, Evoker, or Enderman are great if you wish to have unlimited slots and install a range of mods and plugins. Do not hesitate to compare our plans and discuss with our customer support team in case you have additional queries about apex hosting and other aspects. Through comparison, you can arrive at the best Minecraft server scheme.

Just select any one of our seven reliable server plans, add it to the cart, and move forward with payment for Minecraft hosting. After it is completed, next you can begin setting up the VPS and develop your own Minecraft server with apex hosting or other plans.

Yes, at any point in time, you can downgrade or upgrade your hosting plan from the control panel. You can place an order from your VPS Hosting’s control panel. After that, wait for a few minutes in order for the change to be effective. There is absolutely no tension of losing your files and settings while the process is going on.

At Hostinger, the price for registering a domain for your Minecraft Server starts from ₹75.00/year. You can see whether your domain name is available by scanning through the domain checker.

The locations for our servers include the Netherlands, US, Singapore, UK, and Lithuania. The availability of numerous server locations allows you to select the one nearest to you and your players. The nine data center locations provide a great user experience and ensure low latency.

Yes, dedicated servers are available. You can get dedicated IPv6 and IPv4 addresses in all VPS plans from Hostinger at no additional cost. Dedicated IP addresses lead to enhanced DDoS protection along with direct FTP file access to Minecraft servers, that helps you use FTP client.

DDoS protection and direct access are not all. Joining the server becomes more hassle-free. All that players need to do is enter the IP address– inserting the trailing port number is not required.

Yes. If you want to change your Minecraft server location, get in touch with our customer support team and the transfer would be done with the assistance of our Minecraft hosting experts. Remember that the IP address of the server will also change.

Minecraft servers operate on the advanced version of Game Panel with the Debian 10 operating system. It is not only easy to navigate, but also brings in complete control and flexibility over your game’s settings. Hosts can go for custom server version files uploading and installation of their choicest server type.

All Minecraft Hosting plans are self-managed; hence you can enjoy complete access to the virtual game server. There is always the scope to configure the disk space and resources according to your requirements, like the addition of game elements or the installation of applications such as TeamSpeak for communication with fellow players.

Our VPS Hosting plans are self-managed, so our customer success team can solely provide support in the establishment of the VPS and the Minecraft server. If you have any questions regarding server management and configuration, go through the knowledge base or Hostinger Tutorials.

Our Game Panel supports the following Minecraft Java Edition versions:

  • Java 8
  • Java 11
  • Java 15
  • Java 16

Here are the server configuration types that are available. At any point in time, you can switch between Minecraft Java versions or types of server hosted.

  • Official
  • Spigot
  • CraftBukkit
  • Paper
  • Forge
  • Cauldron
  • SpongeVanilla
  • Purpur
  • Tekkit
  • Feed the Beast
  • Project Rainbow
  • Bedrock (pocket)

You can switch between Minecraft Java versions or server types at any time.

Yes. The Game Panel includes the Forge server type (Minecraft Java Edition). It paves the way for the installation of mods and modpacks.

Prior to the addition of mods, make sure to use the Minecraft Java Edition and install the Forge server type in your instance. It is also important to stop the Minecraft hosting server from running first. After it is done, create a new directory from the File Manager, for uploading the mods or modpacks.

Yes. You have complete access to the root server, which allows you to upload and manage plugins yourself.

The CraftBukkit, Spigot, and PaperMC Minecraft server types are accompanied by built-in plugins which can be automatically installed on the Game Panel. In case you require a third-party plugin installation, the same can be manually done with the web based File Manager or FTP/SSH.

If you need access to the Server Settings, pick an instance on the Game Panel and go to Configuration. You will be able to access the Server Settings tab from there.

The Server Settings is accompanied by numerous options to customize the gameplay, like altering the world type, switching the server version, and limiting the world size.

In case you are not happy with the progress that you have made, it is possible to reset your world and start afresh. Delete your current world folder after locating it in the File Manager, and then restart the Minecraft server in order to generate a new world.

With the help of the control panel, you can make your Minecraft server accessible to certain players only. Following are the stages to create a whitelist using the control panel:

1. Select the Minecraft server instance on the Game Panel and go to the Configuration settings.

2. Proceed to the Gameplay and Difficulty tab and turn on the Use Whitelist feature.

3. Return to the Main Menu and click Console.

4. Hit Enter after typing in “whitelist add [insert_username_here]”.

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