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Swift Start

Start selling with an online store

Choose a designer-made template appropriate for your virtual business, then breathe life into your online store with our drag-and-drop editor.

Build Your Online Store
Examples of designer made online store templates

Sell globally

Locate your target audience and sell to them. You can sell products comfortably on Instagram, Facebook, and Amazon with Zyro.

Sell Everywhere
Example of Facebook store listing

Safe and mobile

Adjust yourself to changing times. Build a shop that runs on every device, delighting your customers through a secure buying experience.

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Responsive eCommerce website design

eCommerce simplified

If you have an existing or new Zyro website, it takes simply a couple of clicks to add an online store to it. Pave way for seamless ordering over the web by exhibiting your products effectively.

Start Selling Online
Adding order now button to existing website

Offers Seamless Management

Simple inventory management

Using a single and intuitive dashboard, you can add, manage, and track your product inventory through manifold platforms. You get everything at your fingertips like an app.

Innumerable payment options for online shopping

Everything becomes hassle-free for you and your customers. Provide a range of choices with the most prevalent payment methods and grab every selling opportunity.

Launch an Online Store
Online store management panel

Shipping and delivery made easy

Compute the finest shipping rates for your customers with Zyro. Then manage everything through comprehensive order tracking as well as automatic customer email updates.

Hassle-free administration

Do not move out of focus with administration and tax worries. Experience seamless logistics and paperwork with Zyro tools.

Get an Online Store
Shipping and delivery settings

Seamless Growth

Remain on top

There are sales tracking and built-in reports to help you keep track of every business component. Avail of rich customer insights through integrating Google Analytics.

Start Building
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Easy marketing

With Zyro, you can run customized ads on Google Shopping and Facebook, amongst other platforms. Locate the most appropriate audiences and amplify your sales channels.

Sell Online
Stylised example of Google Shopping ads

Simple discounts

With Zyro’s online store, the application of several fixed discounts and codes becomes extremely easy. Give customers an additional incentive for spending and saving.

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Applying discount code on products

Offer gift cards

Sell gift cards and turn your online store into a present that charms customers. Allow customers to offer their treasured ones the choicest gift.

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Examples of various gift cards

How can you start off with an online store?

The following easy steps will help you build an online store:

Adding products in Zyro eCommerce
1. Join Zyro

You can begin your web outlet simply by signing up for Zyro website builder – no hidden conditions. Juggle with your preferences and arrive at the most suitable features.

Get started
2. Choose an eCommerce template

Search for a style that is most suited for your business and brand. Then tailor it as per your preference using the drag-and-drop editor.

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3. Include products in your store

After filling out the pages related to purchasing, set your preferences (payment options, promotions, prices, and shipping).

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4. Publish your store

Click the ‘publish’ button, re-check whether everything is set as per your liking, and you can now begin selling virtually.

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5. Get marketing

Powerfully exhibit your business virtually with Zyro’s robust marketing tools and make the most of sales opportunities.

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Online Store FAQs

Frequently asked questions and answers on building online stores

An online store is designed to sell services and goods over the web, contrary to a traditional store that uses a brick-and-mortar venue to sell goods.

Popularly known as eCommerce, the term implies selling and purchasing services or products online. All the activities take place on the eCommerce website or online store.

You can build an eCommerce website for selling to other businesses or individuals. Online stores are present for almost everything, customized according to the target market and business model.

Using platforms such as Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce, you need a few days to a couple of weeks’ time for developing and launching your store. It depends on the level of experience you have.

Interestingly, Zyro has seamless online store builder features, allowing you to gear up for selling virtually in a jiffy, even if you have no coding or design experience.

First and foremost, products should be there either at your own warehouse, dropshipping, or any other fulfillment provider.

Secondly, you should focus on the aspects that are useful while going for purchase over the web. Include everything from prices and descriptions to photos and sizing information, and it’s done.

With Zyro’s dashboard, you can track inventory, and provide a wide range of shipping and payment methods, from PayPal to credit cards, and USPS to DHL, amongst others.

Steer clear of the nightmare of cart abandonment at the checkout by a customer. With us, you have access to a robust payment gateway wherein every major shipping solution and credit card is accepted.

With Zyro, calculation of the finest shipping rates for your shoppers is made possible. You can also search for the best-priced handlers depending on your liking.

The dashboard enables tracking of the complete delivery process; hence you just need to focus on your business and print shipping labels.

The answer is no. You have the share of the entire profit you generate from your online store. Zyro is a website builder, which, contrary to some other platforms, takes absolutely no commission. Moreover, there are no transaction fees over and above the monthly fees for the website plan.

So, you can have a competitive pricing strategy, and at the same time cover a whole lot of expenses, including shipping costs.

No, and that’s the charm of an online store platform like Zyro. To begin with virtual selling here, you do not require any kind of formal training. Well, it would obviously help you in the future days if you go through some lessons on the art of running a business virtually along with the particulars of managing an eCommerce website.

But an online store creator such as Zyro makes it extremely intuitive and simple to begin developing a small business and a robust online presence. You will not only arrive at the finest product descriptions but also pick the correct eCommerce plan having the required payment gateways. Moreover, we provide you with every guidance and tool for attracting new customers and increasing sales.

The price varies according to what kind of eCommerce site you wish to build. For a WordPress site, you should consider the amount which web hosting or WordPress hosting, several security inclusions (such as SSL certificates, for ensuring site security against malicious phishing attempts), themes, and individual plug-ins will add up to per month.

Contrary to this, store builders consider every technical parameter while running an online store, into the monthly fees. Thus, the process of establishing small businesses becomes easier and swifter.

For beginners, Zyro is the topmost online store builder, with its grid technology developed in-house, effective payment gateway, unmatchable costs, and round-the-clock amicable customer service. Zyro also has completely responsive store templates, hence you can comfortably sell to mobile users.

The demand varies according to the overall niche and target audience. You should opt for market research prior to selling a few products of personal choice. It will help you understand the current trend and the products that are in demand. Then you would easily be able to go for unique brand positioning amongst competitors.

Alternatively, you can attract people to shop online at your online store by offering something they won’t be able to obtain elsewhere, or for a price that cannot be overlooked. In case you need ideas, we've done the job on your behalf and come up with a list of some of the trending products that are having a moment online right now.

You might be already selling on Amazon, Etsy, and other such online marketplaces. Still, operating your own eCommerce site has a wide range of pros. Things such as hassle-free integration of social media accounts and search engine optimization (presence at the top of Google and other search engine result pages) become increasingly impactful and comfortable with your own online store.

You can create product pages that are better than your competitors, something quite difficult to achieve while operating within the framework of sites such as eBay and Amazon. When you have your own store that has its own URL, you can effectively develop a scalable brand, and your target audience will perceive you as professional and serious.

Apart from selling online, your website can also present exclusive details regarding your store with the help of a dedicated blog. You can also optimize your store so that it seamlessly runs across mobile phones and other mobile devices like an app. With every site and online store plan of Zyro ecommerce website builder, you can get a blog at absolutely no cost.

Yes, it is, when you compare it to operating a traditional store. As the eCommerce store has an online presence, you can break free from expensive monthly fees pertaining to things such as water, electricity, and the rent of the physical property.

Also, there’s no restriction on opening hours or geographical location, as you can operate in India and the worldwide market, and round the clock. You can curtail the overall operating costs since it is extremely likely that you would require much less staff.

On the whole, it implies better profit margins, turning eCommerce stores into a gainful addition to any commercial plan.