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What Is a .io Domain?

.io is the country-code top-level domain for the British Indian Ocean Territory. However, the .io TLD has become a generic domain and gained popularity in the tech industry because I/O or IO is a common term meaning input/output in computer science. Buying .io domain names can help you be instantly recognized as tech-savvy. That’s why many tech startups love to use this domain name.

What Is a .io Domain?

Why Register .io Domains?

Short and memorable, these domains are good choices for SEO. Plus, you can also create domain hacks like,, and to make your brand stand out.

.io is a new TLD, so it has great availability. You have a higher chance of getting the perfect website name with .io domain registration!

Why Register .io Domains?

.io Domain FAQs

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What Is a .io Domain Name?

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