Affiliates FAQ

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Everything you need to know on basics of affiliate marketing at Hostinger

Affiliate Agreement

Affiliate Agreement

All the information on banners, coupon codes and Affiliate Program Agreement

Affiliate Tracking

Affiliate Tracking

All the basics of affiliate and sale tracking links

Account Registration

Account Registration

Information on how to join affiliate program

Payment & Commission

Payment & Commission

Payout requirements, taxes, minimum payment threshold and payment dates



Account termination and contacts

Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing?

How can I make money with Hostinger?

Does Hostinger have an affiliate program?

Do I need a website to get started?

What technical skills do I need to become an Affiliate?

Affiliate Agreement

Can I promote Hostinger in social media?

Can I promote Hostinger using email marketing techniques?

I am a graphic designer/web developer. Can I buy hosting for my client and get paid affiliate commission?

Can I buy traffic/use paid media to promote Hostinger?

Can I get a personal coupon code?

Can I use coupon codes from the internet?

Are there any promotional materials to use for promoting Hostinger?

Do you provide banners in other languages?

Can I share my own screenshots of Hostinger?

Where can I read your Affiliate Program Agreement?

Affiliate Tracking

How are the sales tracked?

What is a tracking link?

Where can I find my affiliate tracking link and create links for different landing pages?

If I refer my clients to but they make the purchase in another country, will I still get paid?

How long does an affiliate cookie last?

Performance data: how often are the clicks and conversions updated?

What if my referred sale doesn't show up in the report?

What happens if the client cancels the plan?

A reservation was made without my Affiliate link. Can I still get the commission?

Account Registration

Who can participate in Hostinger Affiliate Program?

How can I join Hostinger's affiliate program?

How long before I start making money?

Is there a cost for signing up for Hostinger Affiliate Program?

What is the application approval process?

Why was my account rejected/suspended?

Why can’t I log in to my account?

Payment & Commission

What is the commission structure?

Will I get paid for hosting renewals or upgrades?

Will I get paid for the sales of domains?

How much can I earn?

Where can I find my earnings?

What are the payout requirements?

How do affiliates get paid?

When will I get paid?

Can I get the payment to my bank account?

What is a Tax ID?

Are my earnings taxable?

Where can I find my Payout History?


Who should I contact if I have questions?

How can I cancel my Affiliate Account?

What happens if I violate Hostinger's Affiliate Program Agreement?