How to Login to WordPress Dashboard

How to Login to WordPress Dashboard

If you’re looking for a way to access your WordPress admin area, you’ve come to the right place. In this tutorial, you will learn how to login to your WordPress dashboard. Let’s take a look!

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If you prefer reading, check out the instructions below.

How to Find the WordPress Admin Login Area

Before we go further, keep in mind that WordPress admin login credentials are set during WordPress installation. Thus, they’re not the same password as your hosting control panel.

Usually, WordPress is installed in the root of your domain (public_html directory of your hosting account), you can access its admin login page with any of the following links:


If for some reason, none of the above URL’s work, you can use the following URL instead:


Once you successfully log in, you will be redirected to the WordPress dashboard.

ProTip: Check the Remember Me box before you login.

This image shows your WordPress Admin Login Page

Admin Login With a Subdirectory

If WordPress is installed in any sub-folder such as /wp/, the URL to your login page would be

If it’s on a sub-domain, it would be

Since WordPress admin login URL is essentially the same by default, it’s recommended to alter your login URL for extra security measures. You can achieve this manually or with the help of a plugin.

Other Ways to Login to WordPress

There are additional ways to make logging into your WordPress site easier. Let’s take a look at the different ways below:

  1. Bookmark the URL for your WordPress login page to your browser’s bookmark bar. Do this by typing CMD + D. If that doesn’t work, go to Bookmarks -> Bookmark This Page (Safari = Add Bookmark.)
  2. Add a login link on your website’s menu. Do this by logging into your WordPress admin, click on Appearance -> Menus. Then select which menu you want to add the login to, locate Add menu items -> Custom Links, and paste the login URL and enter the text you want it to show up as.
    Add WordPress login button to menu
  3. Use the Meta widget. This will add a link to your login page, your WordPress site’s RSS feeds, and a link to Simply go to Appearance -> Widgets and click on  Meta. Then select where you would like to Add this Widget and type the Title you want to use. Click Save and you’re done. Use the Meta widget to login into wordpress easier

How to Access the WordPress Dashboard

Now, to enter the WordPress admin area, you’ll need to fill in your WordPress Username, or Email Address, and the Password that you’ve created during the installation process.

ProTip: If you ticked the Send me installation instructions via email box when installing WordPress, you can find your login credentials in your email.

Once you’ve typed in the required information, click Log In. That’s it. You’ve learned how to access the WordPress admin dashboard.This image shows you the WordPress dashboard

Troubleshooting Access Problems

Sometimes you may experience various issues while trying to login to your WordPress admin area. Here are the solutions to some common ones:

Using Incorrect Password

If you entered the correct email address, but the password can’t seem to be working, make sure to click the Lost your password? link located below the login form. Type in your username or email address. A link to change your password will be sent to your email.This image shows you the lost your password? feature on WordPress admin login page If you can’t reset your WordPress password via email for some reason, you can do it manually by changing the user_pass field using phpMyAdmin. Check this tutorial for detailed instructions.

Error Establishing Database Connection

You also can’t log in to your WordPress admin dashboard when this error happens since it affects your whole WordPress site. However, don’t panic if you are currently experiencing it. Your site just fails to retrieve and display information from the database due to bad traffic or a corrupted database.

To solve the error, you’ll have to repair your database or create a new one. Check the full tutorial here.

You can also find other causes that might lock you out of the WordPress admin area along with the complete solutions in this article.

WordPress Login Disabled

This can happen when there have been too many failed attempts to log into your WordPress account. Simply follow the instructions listed before you can try to login again. If you are unsure of your password, try to reset it.


Congratulations, you now know how to login to the WordPress dashboard quickly and easily. Create, develop, and edit your website to your heart’s content and have fun.

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