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04 Jun • Website

13 Best Image Formats and When to Use Them

Each image format is optimized for a different use, which is why it’s essential to understand their differences and know when to use them. More...

By Maya A.

20 May • Website

How to Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly: 16 Proven Tips

Having a mobile-friendly website is a must for all website owners. This is because 56% of website traffic comes from mobile usage, indicating that...

By Maya A.

01 Feb • WordPress

What Is a WordPress Sidebar?

A WordPress sidebar is an area on a WordPress website alongside the main content, which displays extra information or a navigation menu. It’s...

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12 Dec • WordPress

37 Best WordPress eCommerce Themes to Skyrocket Your Online Sales

Choosing the best WordPress eCommerce theme for your business can be challenging since thousands of WordPress themes exist on the market. All of them...

By Maya A.

03 Sep • WordPress

8 Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins in 2021

When building an online store on WordPress, one of the most crucial steps is choosing the best WordPress eCommerce plugin.  An eCommerce plugin...

By Maya A.

08 Jun • WordPress

How to Add Push Notifications to WordPress

One of the challenges of running a website is getting people to come back to it after they’ve left. If you already provide engaging content, you...

By Maya A.