Best 5 WordPress Search Plugins

Best 5 WordPress Search Plugins

Thinking about improving visitor search experience on your WordPress site? Powerful search plugins are the best way to do so. By default, WordPress includes a search feature, but it’s pretty basic and can be limiting. In this article, we’re going to show you our 5 favorite WordPress search plugins.

We all use a search engine in our everyday lives, without paying much attention to what it is. If you type a keyword, you get a result — simple as that! But when it comes down to the inner workings of a search engine, it’s not that simple. Thus, we have to pick one that is both powerful and easy to use.

Let’s go over our list.

Best WordPress Search Plugins

1. Relevanssi

relevanssi wordpress search plugin

Relevanssi replaces the default WordPress search feature with a better search engine. It is one of the most widely used plugins, counting 100.000 users. This WordPress search plugin ranks the search result by relevance, instead of date. Meaning, your visitors will get the content that matches with keywords or their search criteria.

Visitors can use advanced filtering to adjust the search based on their needs. They can also search through tags, categories, custom fields, even comments. And when they look at the results, it highlights the applied search terms.

Relevanssi also helps manage search terms – it gives you log queries. This feature provides the most popular queries and the most recent ones with no hits. It also assigns weights on any post or taxonomy so that you can customize the content according to your audience’s needs.

You can use Relevanssi for free. For advanced features, you need to buy the premium plan. It comes with two options, starting at $99 for the annual plan or $299 for the permanent license.

2. Swiftype

swiftype wordpress search plugin

Swiftype is a WordPress search plugin that is actively used by 2000 users. This plugin is great for high-traffic websites. It compiles results incredibly quickly, by doing it on their own servers. So, if you manage tens of thousands of content pieces, this plugin might do the trick.

Swiftype gives your visitors autocomplete search suggestions based on titles, tags, and author names. They can also refine search terms, adding more attributes such as location, date, price, or content type. To increase visitor engagement, Swiftype will pop up relevant content or promoted products in pages that they navigate to.

This WordPress search plugin runs an advanced search algorithm to rank the search results, yet you can adjust the rank by just drag and drop it in the Swiftype dashboard. The search result will also automatically update when your content changes.

You also get a handful of management features. Swiftype provides insights and detailed information about search behavior on your site. You can use it to fine-tune future content and improve the search experience.

You can have a trial for 14-days. Afterward, the standard plan costs $79/mo.

3. SearchWP

searchwp wordpress search plugin

SearchWP is a premium WordPress search plugin that indexes your media library, so visitors can search PDFs, Office, and other content on your website. Using keyword stemming, it ensures your visitors get the most relevant search results.

SearchWP works as a “search everything” plugin. Visitors can search for metadata, taxonomies, custom fields and post types, content, and more. It also comes with ecommerce integration to help people search for products based on its description or review.

This WordPress search plugin offers search statistic and insight, showing what the visitors search for and find, and what they don’t. You can improve future content or products based on that data. It also provides a custom algorithm with an intuitive interface and weighting system letting you adjust how the search results are ranked.

You can subscribe to SearchWP standard plan for $99 a year.

4. Ivory Search

ivory wordpress search plugin

Ivory Search is another popular WordPress search plugin available for free or as a premium plugin. To date, it is used by 10.000 users.

This plugin not only enhances WordPress’ default search feature but allows creating new custom search forms. You can display the search forms anywhere on the site, depending on the theme you use, highlight search terms on the results page.

Your visitors can search for specific content – posts, pages, products, attachments, forums, and more. For ecommerce sites, visitors can look up product with SKU, variation, or description, though you need the premium plan to set this up.

For management, Ivory Search provides some admin features. Excluding content like posts, pages, store products, attachments, forums or any custom post. It comes with Demo search so you can test Ivory Search on a live site before publishing it.

The Ivory Search starter pack is available for free. If you want to buy a premium plan, it comes with two different options. Pro plan starts at $19.99 annually or as a lifetime license for $99.99.

5. Ajax Search for WooCommerce

ajax wordpress search plugin

If you run an online store, you can use Ajax Search for WooCommerce. It’s a free WordPress search plugin, yet comes with premium features comparable to the paid one. This plugin runs an AJAX script, meaning it will display the results instantly while customers are typing keywords in the input box. This feature will simplify your customer’s search experience.

With Ajax Search, search by products titles, descriptions, excerpts, or SKU. It displays product images, price, and a short description along with the add to cart button in the search form. Pretty convenience, isn’t it?

As an admin, you can limit the number of results displayed, set labels, images, and color schemes. And lastly, it’s fully compatible with WordPress multilingual website plugins.

Editors Choice

We’ve covered some of the best WordPress search plugins for you to choose from, along with a range of features and licensing plans. We know that selecting the most suitable one can be a hard choice, but for us, Relevanssi is the go-to option.

It’s popular among WordPress users and offers powerful features even in free version. You get essential search functionality to make WordPress search more efficient. Unless you run high-traffic or fully-dedicated ecommerce websites, Relevanssi has you covered.


We know that WordPress’ default search is limited and worth replacing with an alternative. WordPress search plugin are great for improving your visitor experience, helping them find what’s relevant.

Finally, we hope that this article helped pick one that suits your needs. See you in the next article!

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