7 Best Charity Website Templates For Hostinger Website Builder

7 Best Charity Website Templates For Hostinger Website Builder

Creating a website for your charity organization is crucial for raising awareness and garnering support. However, not all charity website templates are created equal when it comes to effectively conveying your mission and engaging potential donors.

This article will guide you through the seven best charity website templates available on Hostinger Website Builder. Each template is designed to help your non-profit charity stand out and make a lasting impact. We’ll also explain how to create your charity website using Hostinger’s website hosting and builder plan.

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Top 7 Charity Website Templates

The best non-profit website templates are visually appealing and come equipped with functionalities like donation support and a mobile-friendly design. The responsive charity themes on this list provide such features, making it easier to focus on your organization’s core mission.

1. Unitis

Unitis template

Unitis stats:

  • Category: non-governmental organization (NGO) templates
  • Best for: educational charities and NGOs focused on education

The Unitis charity website template helps educational charities make a real difference. When visitors land on the site, a clear mission statement in the hero section tells them key information about the charity. This quickly informs visitors of the charity’s goal to build trust.

Another key feature of Unitis is the easy-to-find Donate button. Its central placement in the hero section and further down the page helps visitors take action. Clear calls-to-action can help boost the number of donations, so this template helps speed up website creation.

The template also shows the charity’s current projects clearly on the landing page. This tells potential donors how their money will be used, whether for building new schools or training teachers. Clarifying what your non-profit does builds trust and transparency – and you can expand on the details of those projects in a dedicated section.

Contact information is also easy to find in this charity template. The footer includes all the key contact details at the bottom of each page. This lets people effortlessly reach out to you, helping your non-profit build relationships and partnerships. Aside from adding contact details to the footer – you can even add a simple form for quick questions.

Key Features:

  • Clear mission statement in the hero section
  • Central Donate button for a donation-focused website layout
  • Display of current projects for transparency
  • Easy-to-find contact information in the footer

2. Botada

Botada template

Botada stats:

  • Category: social impact website templates
  • Best for: art and community-focused charities

For non-profit website templates, images are an important factor in conveying your mission and values to website visitors. The Botada template, originally aimed at art schools, offers a range of features that can be effectively repurposed for charity websites.

The template’s engaging imagery is one of its key strengths. A non-profit organization can take advantage of the visual homepage to display the positive changes made from the charity’s project. This visual approach not only attracts attention but also builds a strong connection with potential donors.

The template’s placeholder text can fit various kinds of charitable organizations. For instance, a charity focused on youth empowerment can benefit from this theme by emphasizing how it fosters creativity in underprivileged communities.

Contact information is also displayed prominently in this template. This is an important feature for any charity organization. Quick and easy communication can often be the deciding factor for potential donors or volunteers. By keeping this information visible, the template removes barriers that might prevent engagement.

The simplicity of the Botada template’s navigation system is another great aspect of the design. A charity can benefit from this menu structure by ensuring that vital information and calls-to-action are easily accessible. For example, a simple and well-organized menu can guide visitors to a “How to Help” section effortlessly.

One more feature to consider is the template’s gallery page. A non-profit can transform this section into a visual archive showcasing the success of their projects or the community’s engagement in their cause. This adds another layer of credibility and gives potential donors a tangible view of what their contributions could achieve.

Key Features:

  • Visually engaging gallery for storytelling
  • Placeholder text to inspire creativity
  • Prominent contact information for easy communication
  • Simple navigation system for user-centric design

3. Amman

Amman template

Amman stats:

  • Category: community support website templates
  • Best for: animal welfare, humanitarian, and environmental non-profit organizations

The Amman website template focuses on the needs of animal welfare organizations but has various elements that can benefit a wide range of charities.

Unlike many other charity templates, Amman showcases featured articles on the homepage. This enables non-profit organizations to highlight key aspects of their mission from the moment visitors land on the page. For instance, you can draw attention to urgent fundraising campaigns or recent milestones.

Well-displayed contact information is another advantage of this charity website design. In the footer, your charity can include social media links, a physical address, a phone number, and important email addresses for volunteering or donation inquiries.

The template is also visually striking, using compelling images and design to capture visitor attention. Charities can leverage this to showcase impactful photographs of their cause, setting the tone for visitor interest.

As cause-oriented website designs go, Amman also has a “Join” page. This is a feature that can significantly enhance volunteer recruitment.

Key Features:

  • Featured articles on the homepage for immediate engagement
  • Well-displayed contact information for easy communication
  • Visually striking design for emotional impact
  • A “Join” page for volunteer recruitment

4. Mercado

Mercado template

Mercado stats:

  • Category: mobile-friendly charity templates
  • Best for: general non-profit organizations

The Mercado website template offers a range of beneficial features for non-profit organizations. The clear mission statement on the homepage enables a charity to immediately communicate its core values to visitors. For example, a non-profit focused on clean water can state its mission to provide better access in underserved communities, establishing clarity quickly.

The template also features a blog section on the homepage, giving charities a platform to engage and interact with their audience. This can be used to offer regular updates, share success stories, or provide educational content – ultimately encouraging more involvement and donations.

Additionally, Mercado features a separate newsletter sign-up section above the minimalistic footer to build a list of engaged supporters. Regular updates via newsletters can be a powerful tool for keeping the community informed and inviting them to volunteer when needed.

Also, pay attention to how this template incorporates inspirational quotes into its homepage design. While it seems like a small touch, this adds emotional resonance that can captivate visitors. Consider using quotes that align with your non-profit’s mission, adding an extra layer of engagement.

Key Features:

  • Placeholder for a clear mission statement
  • Blog section for audience engagement
  • Newsletter signup for building a community
  • Inspirational quotes for emotional resonance

5. Contre

Contre template

Contre stats:

  • Category: health and wellness charity templates
  • Best for: educational and health and wellness charities

The best donor-friendly website layouts focus on establishing credibility, and Contre is a good example of this. Originally tailored for educational causes, this template has various useful features for charitable organizations.

One of its most notable strengths is the thorough “About Us” section. This dedicated space enables a non-profit organization to not only introduce itself but also to establish integrity with its audience. For example, a healthcare-focused charity can elaborate on its mission and its partnerships with medical institutions.

Another key feature of this NGO website template is the “News and Events” section prominently displayed on the homepage. This is an excellent opportunity for non-profit organizations to keep their audience in the loop about their activities and milestones.

A humanitarian aid charity can provide timely updates on disaster relief efforts, share photos of aid distribution, and announce upcoming fundraising events to encourage community engagement.

The template also has a feature for announcing Open Days or Meet the Team events. A non-profit can repurpose this to suit its needs, such as announcing volunteer training days, community outreach programs, or even virtual Q&A sessions with the leadership team. This supports charities to foster direct engagement with their community.

Key Features:

  • Detailed “About Us” section to build credibility
  • “News and Events” page for keeping the audience updated
  • Dedicated section for announcing Open Days or events

6. Fernell

Fernell template

Fernell stats:

  • Category: volunteer organization templates
  • Best for: business consulting charities

Originally built for business consulting, Fernell’s homepage stands out from other non-profit website templates. Charities can repurpose this theme to highlight impactful testimonials or mission-aligned quotes that encapsulate their work. For instance, a children’s charity website can feature a quote from a parent or educator who has witnessed the organization’s impact firsthand.

Another captivating feature of this NGO website template is the team gallery on the “About Us” page. This offers charities an opportunity to introduce their team members, board of directors, or key volunteers in a visually engaging manner. Such profiles may include short biographies and links to more detailed interviews or articles about each person’s role, offering an inside look that can strengthen donor and volunteer engagement.

Additionally, the Fernell template employs an alternating layout throughout the site. This enhances the visual appeal of the charity website design and aids in content organization. Charities can benefit from this by making the on-page information more digestible for visitors.

Key Features:

  • Visually appealing sections for impactful testimonials
  • “About Us” team gallery for personal engagement
  • Alternating layout for visual appeal and content organization

7. Joyner

Joyner template

Joyner stats:

  • Category: eCommerce and crowdfunding website layouts
  • Best for: charities requiring an online store and a sustainable charity website

The Joyner template’s unique layout and eCommerce features make it an excellent choice for non-profit organizations that need an online store.

For example, the shopping bag feature in the header can serve as a dynamic donation cart for visitors to add specific items or services they wish to donate towards, like school supplies or medical aid for disaster relief. This adds an interactive element, helping donors feel empowered about where their contributions are going.

The “Product” menu section, with its grid layout, is great for showcasing different kinds of donations visitors can make. Clicking on a donation item could lead the visitor to a page providing more details. Plus, your charity can change the CTA buttons to say “Donate Now.”

The “Week’s Picks” section on the homepage is excellent for spotlighting urgent or high-priority projects that require immediate funding. This is a smart way to drive attention to causes that are time-sensitive, encouraging quicker donor action.

Since this template supports transactions, it makes the donation process seamless. Features like secure payment gateways, transactional emails, and detailed receipts can help establish reliability and transparency, which is crucial for encouraging recurring donations.

Key Features:

  • Shopping bag feature for interactive donations
  • “Product” menu section for showcasing donation options
  • “Week’s Picks” for spotlighting urgent projects
  • eCommerce setup for transactional transparency and security

How to Make a Charity Website Using Hostinger Website Builder

To build a charity website that truly serves your cause, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Hostinger. If you don’t already have an account, sign up by choosing a web hosting plan. Hostinger’s sign-up process is straightforward and quick, so you can get started building your website in no time.
  2. Choose the website builder as your preferred platform. Once logged in, navigate to the Websites menu and start building a new website. Choose Hostinger Website Builder as your platform.
  3. Select a template. Browse through the list of different charity website templates to find one that aligns with your organization’s mission. Each template is designed to meet different needs, so take your time to select the one that’s right for you.
  4. Edit the template. After selecting your template, customize it using the drag-and-drop editor. Add text, images, and other elements that showcase your charity’s work. Our intuitive editor makes customization easy, even for beginners.
  5. Publish. Once satisfied with your website’s look and functions, click the “Publish” button. You will be prompted to connect a domain to your site, after which it will be live and accessible to everyone. Remember, you can always edit and make changes as needed.


Choosing the right template for your charity website can significantly influence how your non-profit charity is perceived and how effectively you can engage with the audience.

After exploring the top seven charity website templates on Hostinger Website Builder, here are our recommended picks:

  • Unitis is designed to turn visitors into active supporters. It features a clear mission statement and easy-to-find “Donate” buttons. This template is a strong fit for non-profit organizations focused on education.
  • Amman is versatile and particularly beneficial for a wide range of charities. It features articles on the homepage to highlight key aspects of your mission and makes contact information easily accessible – excellent for encouraging engagement.
  • Joyner offers ready-to-use eCommerce features, making it a great choice for charities that require a donation website. It supports targeted donations with transactional capabilities that add a layer of transparency and confidence for donors.

A well-designed website is more than just a digital presence – it’s a powerful tool that can help your charity make a real difference. Choose a site template carefully to help your mission resonate with your audience.

Charity Website Templates FAQ

Find answers to common questions about non-profit website templates below.

What Are Non-Profit Website Templates?

Non-profit or charity templates are pre-designed layouts specifically tailored for non-profit organizations. They commonly have donation-focused website layouts and often include features for fundraising, donation collection, and volunteer organization.

What Should I Look For in Humanitarian Website Templates?

Whether you run a charity for education, environmental causes, or health and wellness, look for philanthropic website templates that offer customization options. Make sure it is also mobile-friendly and has features that align with your mission.

What Are Fundraising Website Designs?

These are website layouts optimized for fundraising activities, like a charity event. They often include features for donation collection, crowdfunding, and highlighting various projects.

What Is a Donation Page?

A donation page is a specific section of a site where you can accept donations online. It’s crucial for non-profits, charities, and non-governmental organizations, and often includes multiple payment options for convenience.

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