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How to Change WordPress Username


Have you ever tried to change WordPress username via WordPress admin area and found out it is not possible? While it can be convenient in some situations (for example, your login credentials were compromised) there is no out of the box way to change the username on WordPress. Do not worry, this tutorial will show you 2 different ways how to change WordPress username.

What you’ll need

Before you begin this guide you’ll need the following:

Option 1 – Changing WordPress Username Using Plugin

This method is recommended if you have access to WordPress admin area. Follow these steps in order to change WordPress username:

  1. Access your WordPress administrator and navigate to Plugins section.
  2. Install Username Changer plugin. You can find easy to follow tutorial how to install new plugins here.
  3. Navigate to Users section and hit Username Changer button.
    WordPress Users Section
  4. Select your current username from the dropdown menu and enter a new one in the field bellow. Press Save Changes button when you are ready.
    Wordpress Username Changer Plugin
  5. That’s it. You successfully changed username. You will be asked to re-login to administrator area if you have just changed your current username.
    WordPress Username Changer Success Message

Option 2 – Changing WordPress Username via phpMyAdmin

IMPORTANT! Before starting it is strongly recommended to backup your MySQL database. Follow this guide if you are not sure how to backup MySQL database.

If you do not have access to WordPress administrator area, you can easily change WordPress username using phpMyAdmin. Another great tutorial on how to reset WordPress administrator password can be found here.

  1. Login to your hosting control panel and click on phpMyAdmin icon. Usually it’s located under Databases section.
    phpMyadmin icon
  2. MySQL databases are listed on the left side of phpMyAdmin. Select MySQL database which is connected to your WordPress website.
    WordPress Database phpMyAdmin
  3. Click on wp_users table (table prefix can be different from wp_).
    phpMyAdmin wp_users table
  4. Click Edit button near the username you want to change. In this case we want to change admin username.
    phpMyAdmin Edit Button
  5. Enter a new username in user_login field and press Go button.
    phpMyAdmin updating WordPress username
  6. You should see a green success message, indicating that username was changed.
    phpMyAdmin success message

In order to verify changes, try to login to your WordPress admin area using new username . If you run into any kind of trouble, simply contact your hosting support staff.


Although WordPress does not offer out of the box solution to change the username, it can be done using phpMyAdmin or plugins. By finishing this tutorial you learned two different ways. You can now even change username without having access to WordPress dashboard.

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