10 Best WordPress Development Agency Options + Useful Tips to Choose One 

10 Best WordPress Development Agency Options + Useful Tips to Choose One 

Choosing the right WordPress development agency is crucial for building a successful website. A reliable agency can transform your ideas into a functional and visually appealing website that meets your and your customers’ needs. It can also be a great alternative to hiring a WordPress developer in-house.

To get the perfect service, you should know what to look for in a good WordPress development company. Going with the wrong agency may lead to unforeseen costs, mismatched expectations, and even security issues, harming your website’s growth.

In this article, we’ll recommend 10 top WordPress development companies based on their expertise and services. We’ll also share some essential factors to consider when choosing the best WordPress agency.

10 Best WordPress Development Agencies

Building a website on WordPress can take time, especially since it is an open-source content management system (CMS). Therefore, partnering with a professional WordPress agency is a good option to streamline processes as part of your business strategy.

Most agencies can cover end-to-end production, from providing web development solutions to offering custom web design services.

Let’s check our selection of 10 carefully curated agencies to help you get the best WordPress development services for growing your business online.

Important! We gathered the pricing data for these WordPress agencies from Clutch.co. Please note that these are simply rough estimates. For the most accurate pricing information, contact the agency directly.

1. XWP

XPW's homepage

Agency Stats:

  • Services: WordPress engineering, product design, and ecosystem strategy services
  • Cost: $150-199/hour
  • Best for: enterprises looking to migrate to the WordPress ecosystem

XWP is a web development company specializing in the WordPress technical field. In addition to web development, the agency provides CMS migration, custom plugin and theme development, performance optimization, security audits, and project consulting services.

This web development company’s team consists of experienced WordPress engineers and contributors who are passionate about building innovative and scalable solutions. Aside from their expertise in WordPress development, they’re recognized for their involvement in the WordPress community.

As a WordPress agency, XWP has worked with numerous big brands and large corporations, including Forbes, Twitch, Web Stories for WordPress, American Traveler, and myLAB Box. One of its projects was with Rolling Stone for WordPress migration and development.

RollingStone's, an XWP client, music page

Rolling Stone needed website migration from a PostgreSQL-based platform to WordPress. The magazine worked with XWP to transfer over 20 years of content, summing up to approximately 250,000 digital assets and website files.

The WordPress agency managed to migrate and redirect tons of web pages by integrating several cloud functions and technologies, including Google Cloud Platform and REST API. In addition to WordPress migration, XWP redesigned the Rolling Stone website and added new features, like dynamic URLs and custom pagination.


2. WPRiders

WPRiders' homepage

Agency Stats:

  • Services: WordPress site development, plugin development, theme customization, and performance optimization
  • Cost: $50-99/hour
  • Best for: businesses looking to build custom websites and plugins

WPRiders is a reliable development company specializing in providing WordPress-specific programming services. This agency is best for small to medium-sized businesses looking to create unique, high-performing websites.

The agency’s services include WordPress migration, website rebranding, maintenance, and plugin development. For more effective client support, it assigns an experienced WordPress developer as a project manager.

WPRiders has worked with a range of clients, including businesses in various industries like Versace Ceramics, Methanol Institute, VR City, Buy Bye Supply, and Melody Nest.

eRecruiter employed WPRiders to handle migration to the WordPress environment. In addition to website transfer, the development company redesigned the web pages and optimized the site performance.

eRecruiter, a WPRiders client

eRecruiter’s new website offers simplicity and ease of use. Speed-wise, it registered excellent Google PageSpeed Insights scores – over 90 on desktop and more than 78 on mobile.


3. DevriX

DevriX's homepage

Agency Stats:

  • Services: WordPress site development, business consulting, digital marketing, maintenance, and engineering
  • Cost: $100-149/hour
  • Best for: companies looking for scalable and optimized WordPress retainer solutions

DevriX is a technical WordPress agency for all website types, including eCommerce stores. In addition to technical expertise, it offers WordPress maintenance, consulting, digital marketing, and back-end optimization.

This development company supports long-term client partnerships by emphasizing clear and effective communication throughout its projects. Its clients include corporations and international brands such as Senior Executive Media, Kustomer, DailyFeed, and Smart Meetings.

Kustomer, a customer relationship management (CRM) platform, utilized DevriX’s WordPress development retainers for UI improvements, performance optimization, and marketing assistance.

Kustomer's, a DevriX client, homepage

The agency iterated the process by:

  • Building new landing pages with optimized UI/UX fields.
  • Enabling central style management through CSS.
  • Creating a new page template for easier customization.

Thanks to these changes, Kustomer was able to deliver faster page loading time and improve the mobile experience.


4. WebDevStudios

WebDevStudios' homepage

Agency Stats:

  • Services: web design and development, headless website development, custom WordPress plugins, custom themes, digital marketing, and website maintenance
  • Cost: $5,000+/project
  • Best for: businesses looking for professional WordPress web design and development services

WebDevStudios, a WordPress design and development company, offers a range of services, from custom development to website migration, maintenance, and digital marketing. This agency can also help with building a website in a headless environment.

Its team of experienced WordPress developers specializes in creating user-friendly websites. It leverages tools like Adobe Creative and Figma to ensure design flexibility. This enables the agency to align the customer’s website visuals with the brand voice.

Starbucks, The Toy Insider, Microsoft, Campbell’s, Skype, and Pepperidge Farm are among the global brands using WebDevStudios’s services. Let’s dive deeper into one of this WordPress agency’s projects with Pepperidge Farm’s Tim Tam.

Tim Tam's, a WebDevStudios client, homepage

WebDevStudio built Tim Tam’s website, supporting its US debut. Some of the website’s key features include:

  • Animated homepage. Not only did it create attractive background images, but WebDevStudio also made the homepage’s animated illustrations.
  • Social media integrations. The Feed page displays posts pulled from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. This helps foster the business’ social media marketing efforts.
  • Product locator. Tim Tam’s website features a Where to Buy landing page. This page lets visitors search for their favorite Tim Tam products and find the stores where they are in stock.


5. Crowd Favorite

Crowd Favorite's homepage

Agency Stats:

  • Services: web design and development, WordPress maintenance, eCommerce development, custom software development, and plugin and theme development
  • Cost: $50,000+/project
  • Best for: businesses seeking an all-in-one solution for their WordPress projects

Crowd Favorite offers one of the best WordPress website development and consulting services. Its areas of expertise include creating custom WordPress websites, custom WordPress design, content management, mobile solutions, and digital marketing services.

This agency strives to deliver innovative digital solutions. Its long list of clients includes Disney, Nike, National Geographic, Volkswagen, National Institute of Health, and Intel.

ZUKi Petshop collaborated with Crowd Favorite to redesign its website to be more user-centric, improving site accessibility and the overall customer experience.

ZUKi's, a Crowd Favorite client, homepage

The process started with an audit, where Crowd Favorite assessed the site structure.

The web development agency then redesigned the calls-to-action, refined the personalization strategy, and embedded user reviews. These changes helped improve the user experience, encouraging higher conversion rates.

In addition, Crowd Favorite refined the checkout stage by streamlining the process and improving mobile compatibility.


6. Multidots

Multidots' homepage

Agency Stats:

  • Services: WordPress site development, website performance optimization, editorial workflow optimization
  • Cost: $50-99/hour
  • Best for: businesses involved in publishing content at an enterprise scale

Multidots is another best WordPress development company and implementation partner for enterprise-level businesses. This agency is a WordPress VIP Gold Partner service provider, ensuring improved performance and hardened security for your project.

It specializes in website and Multisite development, WordPress migration, and plugin creation. The agency also aims to help organizations maximize their web-based monetization initiatives by focusing on website performance and implementing efficient workflows.

Regarding client success stories, this WordPress agency has demonstrated its expertise for enterprise brands and global corporate groups. Some examples include Ask Media Group, Oracle, Wonderwall, Tropicana, Association of American Publishers, and Storyful.

The sneaker encyclopedia, Sneaker News, needed help improving website performance, fortifying site security, tidying up its database system, and integrating third-party platforms.

Sneaker News', a Multidots client, homepage

Multidots handled the challenge by:

  • Creating jordansdaily.com, in addition to sneakernews.com, to divide the heavy traffic load.
  • Using the Enterprise WordPress platform for both websites to improve site speed and security.
  • Employing the Push and Pull API System on a Core PHP Framework for a more solid back-end system.
  • Integrating the websites with eBay using APIs and opening up affiliate revenue opportunities.

The new websites helped Sneaker News accommodate the heavy traffic – 34 million monthly views and 5.6 million unique visitors – with minimal glitches. The company also had a 30% efficiency boost in reaching more newsletter subscribers.


7. WisdmLabs

WisdmLabs' homepage

Agency Stats:

  • Services: WordPress site, WooCommerce, LearnDash, and plugin development
  • Cost: $50-99/hour
  • Best for: companies looking to build tailored eLearning or business websites

WisdmLabs, a certified WooExpert and WordPress Core contributor, offers one of the best website development services specializing in custom solutions. Some of its key services include website, plugin, eCommerce store, and software development.

Aside from that, WisdmLabs offers WordPress website migration, consultation, and maintenance. It also provides seamless third-party integration services with Mailchimp, PayPal, YouTube, and Zapier.

WisdmLabs strives to deliver high-quality, scalable, and user-friendly WordPress solutions tailored to clients’ needs. It has worked with several business and eLearning sites, including Imatest, Canyon Elementary and Middle School, and The Institute for International Medicine (INMED).

The Tao of Tea, for example, hired WisdmLabs to move its custom-built, PHP-based site to a more modern technology stack to ease website management and maintenance.

The Tao of Tea's, a WisdmLabs client, homepage

WisdmLabs launched a website redevelopment project on WordPress and WooCommerce.

The agency started by migrating over 1,500 product listings, 23,000 users, and 47,000 orders to the new environment. Then, WisdmLabs handled all eCommerce development tasks, from implementing dynamic pricing to developing reward and order processing systems.


8. 10up

10up's homepage

Agency Stats:

  • Services: web design, website optimization, and custom plugins
  • Cost: $150-199/hour
  • Best for: businesses looking for open-source solutions for WordPress web design and development

10up is a leading WordPress development agency for building finely crafted websites and web apps. Its global team of strategists, designers, and engineers enables this web development agency to offer comprehensive services, delivering tailored solutions for its clients.

10up’s areas of specialization include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Web design
  • Front-end and back-end engineering
  • Cloud systems engineering
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Analytics consulting

With its commitment to open-source technologies, 10up actively contributes to the core WordPress platform. It provides web development services using various programming languages and frameworks, including React, JavaScript, Angular, Backbone.js, Node.js, Vue.js, PHP, and Laravel.

10up’s impressive client list showcases its ability to handle large-scale WordPress development projects. Its clients include TechCrunch, Al Jazeera, Northeastern University, and the White House.

California DMV, another one of its clients, hired 10up for a website revamp.

California DMV's, a 10up client, homepage

The WordPress development company worked on improving the design for a better user experience. Some of the tasks involved include updating the visuals, reconfiguring the system engineering, and implementing the best search engine optimization practices.

It resulted in an attractive, responsive website highlighting California DMV’s key services. The website is also easier to navigate, ultimately helping visitors find the information they need.


9. Modern Tribe

Modern Tribe's homepage

Agency Stats:

  • Services: WordPress development services, web design, plugin development, theme customization, and maintenance
  • Cost: $200-300/hour
  • Best for: businesses looking for custom WordPress development and eCommerce solutions

Modern Tribe is a custom WordPress development agency specializing in creating unique WordPress sites and web applications. Aside from that, it offers plugin creation, event management, and eCommerce development services.

This company’s top WordPress developers, designers, and project managers work collaboratively to offer WordPress development and custom website solutions. Their key expertise is to create engaging and functional WordPress websites.

Like other WordPress development companies, Modern Tribe has worked with businesses and organizations across various industries. Some of its notable clients include Yelp, Levi’s, data.org, Harvard University, and Café Bon Appétit.

CODET Vision Institute, for example, worked with Modern Tribe to develop a new WordPress site, brand assets, and an improved content plan.

CODET Vision Institute's, a Modern Tribe client, homepage

Modern Tribe designed the new website with CODET Vision Institute’s target market and sales funnel in mind. It resulted in a multilingual WordPress website that’s rich in modular content. The agency also created a strategic content plan to reach a wider audience and ensure efficient workflows.


10. Human Made

Human Made's homepage

Agency Stats:

  • Services: enterprise-level WordPress solutions, website development, custom plugin development, and support services
  • Cost: $50,000+/project
  • Best for: enterprises looking to take full advantage of the WordPress ecosystem

Human Made is another great option for a professional WordPress development agency specializing in enterprise-level solutions and large-scale projects. Its areas of specialization include:

  • Web development
  • Headless development
  • API integrations
  • Custom plugin development
  • Website performance optimization
  • Website maintenance

Its team of experienced WordPress engineers is dedicated to building robust and scalable websites for clients across various industries. Google, News UK, Siemens, USA Today, and UNISON are among Human Made’s most notable clients.

One of Human Made’s headless development and API integration projects was for ustwo, a digital product development agency. ustwo wanted to build a decoupled WordPress website with a React front-end for more seamless content delivery.

ustwo's, a Human Made client, homepage

In addition to headless development and API integrations, Human Made developed a custom page builder to enable structured content. This allows for easier content delivery on any front-end framework.


What to Consider When Choosing a WordPress Development Agency

Before diving into the selection process, clearly define your project requirements.

Consider factors such as website goals, functionality, and design preferences. Gaining a clear understanding of your project requirements is key to finding the best WordPress web development agency.

Agency’s Technical Capabilities

Assessing the technical capabilities of WordPress development companies helps ensure the successful execution of your project. Refer to your project’s required technical specifications, such as programming languages and frameworks. You can also check to see if the potential agency contributes to the WordPress core.

We also recommend asking whether they use secure and high-performing hosting to ensure your site’s uptime. Also, check if they offer search engine optimization and digital marketing services to fulfill all your needs in one place.

Then, look for additional solutions like web design, tailor-made plugin creation, custom software development, mobile app development, and eCommerce solutions.

Agency’s Portfolio and Reviews

Review the agency’s portfolio to gauge its past work. Look for websites it has developed and assess the design and functionality. Additionally, read client reviews and testimonials to gain insights into the agency’s workflow, communication style, and client satisfaction.

Agency’s Size and Availability

Consider the size of the WordPress website development agency and its availability to take on your project. Larger WordPress development agencies may have more resources and expertise, but smaller ones may offer better personalization and attention to detail.

Start by reaching out to different WordPress companies and inquiring about their services. As a client, knowing whom to speak to and how the agency communicates will smoothen collaboration once the project begins.

In addition, check with potential WordPress development agencies if you’ll get a dedicated project manager. This will go a long way in ensuring that your website needs are met and that all targets are achieved.

Agency’s Approach to the Project

Evaluate the agency’s approach to project management. Communication, collaboration, and transparency are essential for a successful partnership. Ensure the agency aligns with your work style and can provide regular updates on the project’s progress.

Be cautious of companies that guarantee lightning-fast project delivery, as it may come at the expense of your website’s performance or features. Choose a company that documents its operational process and offers free consultations to recommend tailored solutions that cater to your unique needs.

Agency’s Pricing

For an accurate cost estimate, ask web developer companies for a quote with pricing models and a full breakdown of the project costs.

Request an itemized list of elements and associated prices so that you can better understand where their final figure comes from. This will also help you compare quotes from different WordPress development agencies to ensure you get the best value for money.

Most importantly, be aware of hidden costs or extras that may not be included in the initial quote before hiring a website development company.

Project Timeline

When building a website, it’s important to have realistic expectations about the timeline for completion. If your project is time-sensitive, you need to ensure the potential agency can meet the tight deadlines.

Ask the agency to provide an estimated time frame for completing the project as well as task milestones and progress points. This ensures everyone is on the same page regarding deadlines and goals throughout the process.

Additionally, having a clear timeline can help you plan for the website rollout and prevent any delays in launching.

Post-Project Support

Inquire about post-project support and maintenance services offered by the company. The best WordPress development agencies should provide ongoing assistance, security updates, and troubleshooting, ensuring your website remains functional and secure.

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Partnering with a good WordPress development company can be a great investment. Such an agency often offers an all-in-one solution for your needs while ensuring quality services and robust website security.

Throughout this article, we’ve shared the 10 best WordPress development companies. Here are our top three picks for the best WordPress agencies:

  • XWP. This web development agency offers reliable, enterprise-scale WordPress migration services.
  • DevriX. As one of the best WordPress agencies providing retainer solutions, it offers regular audits and continuous development, ensuring optimal site health.
  • WebDevStudios. This web development and creative agency ensures a unique web design that truly represents your brand and speaks to your audience.

Aside from reviewing additional services, such as plugin or mobile app development, we’ve also shared a few key considerations to keep in mind when selecting the right web development agency for your project.

Consider your goals, budget, timeline, and any post-project support you may need before making a decision. Doing so will help you find a reliable WordPress development agency to create a well-designed and functioning website. Good luck!

WordPress Development Agency FAQ

This section answers the most frequently asked questions about the best WordPress development agencies.

What Are the Services a WordPress Development Agency Provides?

A WordPress development agency provides various services to help clients build, customize, configure, and maintain their WordPress sites.
Common services include web design and development, eCommerce solutions, performance optimization, content management, digital marketing, search engine optimization, theme and plugin development, security and maintenance, and website migration.

How Much Does a WordPress Development Agency Cost?

The cost of hiring a top WordPress development agency varies depending on factors like the project’s complexity, the scope of work, and the agency’s expertise.

Generally, WordPress development agencies offer different pricing models – for example, hourly rates, fixed project-based pricing, or retainer-based arrangements. Consult directly with the particular agency for a cost estimate based on your requirements.

What Should I Consider When Choosing a WordPress Development Agency

When choosing a WordPress development agency, consider its technical capabilities, client portfolio and reviews, size and availability, project management approach, pricing models, including the option for monthly retainers, and project timeline. We also recommend considering whether it offers post-project support and ongoing development or maintenance.

Why Should I Hire a WordPress Development Agency?

Working with a WordPress agency means getting the solutions for your website needs in one place. In addition to time efficiency, the best WordPress development agency delivers professional services for design and customization, technical support, and scalability. 

Moreover, working with an agency could be more cost-effective than paying an independent WordPress developer hourly rate.

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