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If you are reading this, you are probably trying to find the estimated amount of money you can make by being a WordPress developer. Worry not, we’ve done all the research, that can point you towards your possible salary as a WordPress developer.

Estimating WordPress Developers’ Salary

Calculating exact numbers of a salary you may earn is not a simple task. There are various factors responsible for the amount of money your bank account should expect.

In general, consider these three aspects that may affect your salary: what kind of developer you are, in which country you live and what country you work for, and whether being a developer is your full-time job or not.

WordPress developer is a broad term, making it hard to pinpoint your possible salary.

A developer whose job is to plan and develop a website from scratch will earn a different amount compared to a developer whose job is implementing already invented solutions.

These two types of web developers will also take home different earnings compared to a website designer. So, your first step is to consider which type of developer you are.

Furthermore, where you live and which country you work for affects the outcome too. So, it is wise to think about this factor while choosing your future projects.

Say, you are staying in India. A company based in Europe will pay you differently compared to a company based in Asia or Africa. Your salary could be much higher or lower depending on the type of currency your company uses.

Lastly, your employee status might affect this calculation. The number may be different if one developer is a full-time employee while another is a freelancer. Usually, a regular employee will earn higher than a part-timer. However, this is arguable.

Consider the first and second point mentioned above. Workloads and currencies matter and affect your total pay.

The Average Salary for a WordPress Developer

Now that you have positioned yourself based on your type of work, currency, and employee status, let’s dig into some estimated numbers provided by Glassdoor, Indeed, and Neuvoo. On average, a website developer staying in the United States may expect to take home around $60k to $70k per year.

Average Pay Glassdoor Indeed Neuvoo
Annually $61,083 $ 60,899 $70,067

According to the sources, these average base pays are estimated by hundreds of WordPress website developers around the US. However, keep in mind that the above salaries are just the median offers.

According to Neuvoo,  you may earn as low as $34k or as high as $119k annually depending on your expertise – entry, medium, or senior – level or a highly experienced web developer.

If you are interested in working part-time, Hostinger has obtained some data from various sources to see at what rate a website developer is usually paid.

Average Pay Peopleperhour Codeable Codementor
Hourly $13 – $39 $70 – $120 $61 – $80

You might be wondering why there is a huge gap between Peopleperhour and the other two sources. Peopleperhour compiles data from diverse backgrounds where WordPress is only one of many other platforms.

Codeable and Codementor, on the other hand, focus especially on how much WordPress freelancers might earn.

According to Codementor most likely, as a WordPress developer, you will start your hourly rate at $40 per hour and with enough years of experience, you may earn about $100 per hour.

Average Salary in Europe

But what if you are a European or receiving a job offer from some Europe-based company? According to the data we have obtained from the Pearson Frank Survey , the average WordPress developer salary for Europe is estimated at around £22k to 27k ($28k to $35k), while Denmark is the highest paying country for junior and mid-level WordPress developers at £32k and £46k respectively.Europe WordPress Developer SalaryIt is expected that the average pay in Europe is lower than in the U.S. The median GDP of the two continents is already different, as the U.S. leads with $59k per person, $21k higher than Europe. With that being said, an entry-level WordPress developer in Europe has already surpassed the median GDP.

Are WordPress Developers Well Paid?

Now that we know what the average WordPress Developers salary is in the U.S. and Europe, we can compare those numbers to other job markets or platforms like Drupal and Joomla.

According to Glassdoor, an average Joomla developer salary in the U.S. is around $93k.

How about Drupal? From the same source, a Drupal developer could earn an average annual salary of $83k – a huge leap compared to the average WordPress developer salary.

The above phenomenon happens because of several factors.

First, the demand for WordPress developers is high, but the experts are plenty as well.

Second, the competition is high yet the developers are not well-equipped to sell their expertise well. So, what can you do as a WordPress developer to earn better?

First of all, you need to have self-confidence. Think highly of yourself. Charge yourself higher. Most of the time as a job seeker you tend to let yourself be paid at a lower rate.

Moreover, find better clients. Most of the time, well-paying clients avoid mainstream job seeker apps. In fact, go to exclusive Facebook and Twitter groups that specialize in posting jobs for particular positions, or look no further than Reddit and Hacker Group.


It is no doubt that you can earn pretty high as a WordPress developer. In fact, you can earn almost $120k a year if you value yourself and are eager to find better clients. Furthermore, if you are more into freelance work, you should not be worried either, since you could earn up to more than $100 per hour.

With its high market share, WordPress offers tons of jobs to manage its millions of websites on the internet. That being said, you should be able to bring home the bacon.

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