8 WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugins to Organize Your Store

Leveraging a WooCommerce inventory management system can streamline your online store’s operations. It automates time-consuming tasks, reducing errors and saving time. Furthermore, the system enhances stock visibility with accurate stock tracking, preventing stockouts and overstock situations.

As a popular WordPress eCommerce plugin, WooCommerce comes with built-in inventory management tools. However, you can enhance the platform’s stock management functionality by integrating your WooCommerce store with inventory management plugins.

This WordPress guide will cover the eight best WooCommerce inventory management plugins for 2024. Learn more about their key features, pricing, and drawbacks before choosing the best fit for your online store.

Top 8 WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugins

A WordPress plugin is a software component designed to expand your website’s functionality. Whether you’re starting an online store or growing an existing one, these top eight inventory management plugins for WooCommerce offer excellent stock control.

Are You New to WooCommerce?

Learn how to navigate the platform with our WooCommerce tutorial. Pair your chosen inventory management plugin with Hostinger’s WooCommerce hosting and other best WooCommerce plugins for better performance and increased sales from the start.

1. ATUM Inventory Management

ATUM Inventory Management plugin for WooCommerce

Plugin Stats:

ATUM offers advanced inventory management tools with a user-friendly interface, ideal for new WooCommerce sellers. Product details are accessible through the Stock Central page, which is fully customizable to your business needs.

With its quick data editing feature, changing stock-keeping units (SKU) as well as purchase, regular, and sales prices are only a click away from Stock Central. The dashboard comes with advanced search and filters with an auto-fill feature for easier tracking.

The Stock Central interface of ATUM

The plugin supports WooCommerce variable and grouped products, including stock products sold in decimal quantities. Multi-channel businesses can leverage the product locations feature to create several storage locations per item.

ATUM’s core plugin is free, but you can expand its capabilities and achieve more control with premium add-ons. Starting at €20/quarter, the add-ons scale the plugin’s purchase orders, export and import, multi-inventory, and action logs functionality ‒ recommended for medium to large-scale businesses.

As of writing this article, the ATUM mobile app is still in development. You can buy it as an add-on once it’s released.

Key Features

  • Advanced WordPress inventory management ‒ track inbound products, add suppliers, and create purchase orders through user-friendly interfaces.
  • Statistics and reports ‒ generate sales, lost sales, and stock level indicator reports for effective reorder planning.
  • WPML compatibility multilingual WordPress support for all WooCommerce inventory management tools.

Getting Started With WordPress Plugins

Learn different ways of installing a WordPress plugin from our tutorial. Check out our list of best WordPress plugins for ideas to scale your online store.

2. Smart Manager

Smart Manager WooCommerce inventory management plugin

Plugin Stats:

  • Rating: 4.3/5 on WordPress.org
  • Best for: WooCommerce stores with large inventory quantities
  • Price: freemium (premium version costs $199/website/year)

Like ATUM, Smart Manager for WooCommerce offers a user-friendly dashboard with live preview, infinite scrolling, and advanced management tools to ease inventory organization. It supports all WooCommerce product types, from simple and variable products to subscriptions and product add-ons.

Smart Manager dashboard

Improve the dashboard’s usability by customizing its view, such as hiding data columns and sorting data in ascending or descending order. Image preview is available for easier product identification.

The free version allows up to three direct edits without saving and advanced search using the “AND” filter. However, product export to CSV is only available for WooCommerce product stock columns. Free users can request assistance through the WordPress forum.

Upgrading to the Pro plan gives you full control over all WordPress custom post types on top of WordPress product types. You can create custom dashboard views based on user-role restrictions. The Pro version also includes advanced bulk editing features and email and call support.

Key Features

  • Bulk store management ‒ perform real-time or scheduled bulk edits on WooCommerce and WordPress content with a few clicks. This feature includes undoing and enabling inline bulk edits.
  • Advanced search ‒ filter inventory with “AND” and “OR” conditions, search operators, and dropdown filters.
  • Data export ‒ export selected records, all your store data, or based on date, search, and column filters to CSV.


3. Stock Sync for WooCommerce

Stock Sync WooCommerce inventory management plugin

Plugin Stats:

  • Rating: 5/5 on WordPress.org
  • Best for: streamlining stock synchronization
  • Price: freemium (premium version costs $89)

Stock Sync for WooCommerce lets you share inventory quantities between up to ten stores. It supports unlimited simple and variable products.

The plugin creates a primary inventory for all products you want to share and up to nine secondary inventories for individual locations. The secondary inventory will send stock changes due to purchases, refunds, or admin edits to the primary inventory in real time.

Stock Sync for WooCommerce dashboard

Push stock quantities from the primary inventory to secondary inventories in a single run or one product at a time. Either way, the background batch processing ensures your store runs smoothly during the syncing process.

Upgrade to the Pro plan to sync other fields besides inventory quantity, such as product descriptions and images. The Pro version also includes inventory logs and easy inventory management for direct bulk editing on the WooCommerce inventory report page.

Key Features

  • Selective syncing ‒ detect matching products using unique SKUs to avoid syncing unwanted items from other stores.
  • Smart logging ‒ check which site and order triggered the stock quantity change or if an admin did it.
  • Email notification ‒ get notified if the syncing process fails.


4. Simple Inventory Management

Simple Inventory Management plugin

Plugin Stats:

  • Rating: 5/5 on WordPress.org
  • Best for: implementing a barcode inventory system
  • Price: freemium (premium plans start at $65/year)

This plugin makes managing inventory easier using a barcode system. Simply scan a product’s barcode to find or edit its details. If you don’t have a barcode scanner, you can switch to the Enter mode and search by name, SKU, or other custom fields created by third-party plugins.

Simple Inventory Management dashboard for scanning and finding items

Simple Inventory Management supports all types of hand-gun barcode scanners, wired and wireless. The mobile app version allows for remote stock management. The iOS version is still being developed, so it currently supports Android devices only.

You can also integrate the plugin with an offline store’s point of sale (POS) system to streamline order processing. The auto action feature enhances restocking by increasing stock levels on scans.

The free version has limited features, so consider getting its premium plan to unlock the plugin’s full capabilities. Starting at $65/year, the paid plans offer filter hooks, user activity logs, and an order fulfillment mode. The white-label version is also available for paid users.

Key Features

  • Auto action ‒ change WooCommerce stock quantities automatically by scanning items’ barcodes.
  • Filter hooks ‒ modify the plugin’s functionality without changing the coding.
  • Product search popup ‒ find products from the store’s front end without accessing the admin dashboard.


5. WooCommerce Multi Locations Inventory Management

WooCommerce Multi Locations Inventory Management plugin

Plugin Stats:

  • Rating: 4.5/5 on CodeCanyon
  • Best for: tracking inventory at different locations
  • Price: $99

Like Stock Sync, this WooCommerce stock management plugin aims to support businesses with multiple warehouses or stores. You can assign shop managers to unlimited locations and send admin order notifications to them, streamlining task delegation and enabling localized control over inventory.

WooCommerce Multi Locations Inventory Management offers features to improve customer experience. Visitors can locate nearby stores using Google Maps or filter them by products. Alternatively, automatically list products from selected locations based on customers’ geolocation from their browser.

WooCommerce Multi Locations Stock Management demo page

Bulk edit and manage your WooCommerce stock items from the product central dashboard. This functionality includes updating each location’s stock levels and setting stock status.

This WooCommerce stock manager comes with free Sales Report by Location and Import Export for Multi-Location add-ons. It integrates with POS plugins like OpenPOS to support offline sales. Support for other business tools like multi-currency, shipping, and accounting software is also available.

Since it’s a CodeCanyon plugin, the regular license only includes 6-month support. Extending it to 12 months adds an extra $35.25.

Key Features

  • Rule-based order fulfillment flow ‒ process sales orders based on inventory levels, shipping address distance, and location priority. With backend-only mode, admins can assign fulfillment locations instead of allowing customers to choose during ordering.
  • Location groups ‒ cluster warehouses or stores into groups based on city, region, state, or country for easier stock distribution and delivery area assignment.
  • AJAX add to cart ‒ display an item’s location info in the cart without reloading the page, enhancing the buying process.

6. WooCommerce Out of Stock! Manager

WooCommerce Out of Stock! Manager plugin

Plugin Stats:

  • Rating: 5/5 on CodeCanyon
  • Best for: creating custom low stock warning values
  • Price: $10

WooCommerce Out of Stock! Manager is a must-have plugin for store owners who want more control over their stock status. It lets you create low stock threshold rules for assigning custom warning low values to products, variations, or categories.

Manage stock quickly by adding its widget to your WordPress dashboard. Customize “In stock” and “Out of stock” texts and create custom ones to fit your needs.

WooCommerce Out of Stock! Manager demo page highlighting the custom low stock warning text

The email notification system alerts the admin or multiple recipients when an order reduces an item’s quantity to a low stock threshold, preventing stockouts. Integrate the plugin with WPML to configure multilingual warning texts and notification emails.

Key Features

  • Custom value configurator ‒ define low stock threshold rules for specific or all products or categories.
  • Email notifications ‒ send an email whenever an item’s stock level goes under the threshold.
  • WPML compatibility ‒ translate warning texts and email notifications for a global audience.

7. WP Inventory Manager

WP Inventory Manager plugin for WooCommerce

Plugin Stats:

  • Rating: 4.6/5 on WordPress.org
  • Best for: making WooCommerce’s stock management system developer-friendly
  • Price: freemium (premium version costs $49.99)

WP Inventory Manager is one of the best WooCommerce plugins for scaling the eCommerce tool’s built-in functionality.

Personalize your stock display format by disabling or enabling item fields and customizing labels for each field. Add unlimited images and documents per item for seamless product knowledge transfer. Customize your inventory dashboard by displaying listings in a spreadsheet format or individual boxes.

The plugin offers customizable shortcodes to display selected inventory items on pages, including limiting inventory listing views to logged-in users. Action and filter hooks are also available to extend the plugin’s functionality, making it developer-friendly.

The free version offers plenty of features to ease your stock management. However, buying the Pro license gives you access to one year of support and updates. The Pro version also includes compatibility with add-ons for advanced functionality, such as reserve cart, ledger, and user control.

Key Features

  • Template override system ‒ customize your inventory’s display on the front end for specific needs. To implement this system, duplicate files from the plugin’s Views folder to a new folder and make necessary modifications. The plugin will automatically prioritize your custom template over the default.
  • Action and filter hooks ‒ enhance your stock management system with custom image sizing, personalized messages on your customized WooCommerce checkout page using reserve form actions, and other added functionality.
  • Shortcodes ‒ display inventory items on the front end with short, customizable codes.

8. WooCommerce Back In Stock Notifications

WooCommerce Back In Stock Notifications extension details

Plugin Stats:

  • Rating: 4.3/5 on Woo
  • Best for: reducing lost sales and building customer loyalty
  • Price: $4.92/month (billed annually at $59)

This WooCommerce extension lets you embed a waitlist form on your store. Customers who access a sold-out product page can sign up with their email and be notified once it’s back in stock, minimizing lost sales.

WooCommerce Back In Stock Notifications demo

Besides helping you build an email list for future email marketing campaigns, the data collected provides insights into your inventory, allowing for more accurate demand forecasting. Information about customer activities and product insights is accessible through the dashboard.

The extension can send bulk back-in-stock alerts with the Action Scheduler integration. To ensure transparency and enhance customer satisfaction, notification emails include an accessible link for unsubscribing.

Developed in-house, this handy plugin ensures easy integration with your WooCommerce store. Leverage the 30-day money-back guarantee to test out its functionality.

Key Features

  • Automated email alerts ‒ send alerts to customers who join the waitlist once a product is back in stock.
  • WooCommerce Product Bundle integration ‒ if you use this popular extension, you can send notifications when bundles with out-of-stock items become available.
  • Custom alert preferences ‒ allow customers to sign up without entering their email and manage notifications from their account page.

Why Do You Need a WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin?

WooCommerce stock management plugins enhance the built-in system with advanced features. Here’s how they can benefit WooCommerce store owners.

Automated Stock Updates

Most WooCommerce inventory management plugins let you automate stock updates with real-time accuracy. Keeping your inventory levels in check helps minimize stock discrepancies ‒ mismatches between actual stock and recorded inventory ‒ often caused by human errors.

What’s more, automation enhances order management by reducing processing errors, which improves customer experience. Some plugins offer item reorder alerts and facilitate real-time purchase orders when an item falls below a certain stock threshold. This feature ensures your key stock products are always available, preventing lost sales.

Multi-Channel Integration

Shop owners can use a WooCommerce inventory management plugin to synchronize stock across multiple channels. This feature ensures consistent stock levels across your website, marketplaces, and social media, simplifying stock management.

Additionally, stock synchronization prevents overselling and improves the efficiency and accuracy of stocktaking. Physically counting and verifying inventory quantities becomes easier and quicker with synchronized stock levels from the start.

Data-Driven Decisions

Many WooCommerce stock management plugins include analytical tools for tracking best-selling items and identifying sales patterns. You can use this information to decide which items to restock or discontinue, optimizing your store’s inventory for maximum profitability.

Essential Features in a WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin

Many WooCommerce stock management plugins are available in the WordPress directory and third-party marketplaces, each catering to different user needs. Consider the following key features when choosing:

  • Real-time inventory tracking ‒ updates your inventory levels as sales occur, providing a current and accurate view of stock availability. Check whether your chosen plugin can track raw materials if needed, as not all plugins are built to manage raw material inventory.
  • Stock bulk editor ‒ enables updates to large inventory quantities, saving time when modifying prices, stock numbers, or other product attributes.
  • Low stock alerts ‒ notify you when a product falls below a certain stock threshold, giving you enough time to restock and avoid stockouts.
  • Multi-location support ‒ streamlines stock management across multiple locations, boosting operational efficiency.
  • Product variation management ‒ makes handling products with multiple variants (such as color and size) simpler for more efficient stock-level tracking.
  • Reporting and analytics ‒ provide detailed insights into inventory performance, sales trends, and customer preferences for better decision-making.


WooCommerce stock management plugins offer various benefits for improving business efficiency. With features like real-time inventory tracking, low stock alerts, and multi-location support, they streamline stock management, enhance customer satisfaction, and enable data-driven decision-making.

Of the eight WooCommerce stock management plugins we covered earlier, here are our top picks:

  • ATUM Inventory Management ‒ A free WooCommerce stock manager supporting various product types and sales reporting needs.
  • Smart Manager for WooCommerce ‒ a robust stock manager for WooCommerce stores with abundant bulk editing features, offering complete control over large inventories.
  • WooCommerce Multi Warehouse Inventory ‒ a premium WooCommerce stock management plugin offering multi-location features to track inventory and raw materials, as well as improve customer experience.

We hope this article helped you find the right stock management plugin for your WooCommerce store. Leave a comment below if you have any questions. Good luck!

WooCommerce Inventory Management FAQ

Keep reading as we cover the most frequently asked questions about WooCommerce inventory management.

What is a WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin?

A WooCommerce inventory management plugin is a software component that comes with features to enhance inventory tracking and management. It automates stock updates, provides real-time inventory data, and improves WooCommerce inventory tracking. Store owners leverage this tool to improve their stock management processes.

Do I Need a Plugin for WooCommerce Inventory Management?

You don’t always need a plugin for basic inventory management, as WooCommerce has some built-in features. As your store expands, a specialized inventory management plugin becomes essential. It adds advanced functionalities like bulk management, detailed reporting, and real-time stock updates, supporting your store’s growth.

Does WooCommerce Have Built-In Inventory Management?

Yes, WooCommerce comes with built-in inventory management features to track stock levels, get notifications for low and out-of-stock items, and manage stock status for individual products. However, this functionality only caters to small-scale operations, like tracking finished products in a single location.

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