23 Jul • Website

16 Best WordPress Alternatives in 2021

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for building websites, but it may not be the perfect solution for everyone. Maybe you are looking for a...

By Tashia Tamara

20 Jul • Website

How Much Does a Domain Name Cost and Why Do You Need One

The cost of a domain name depends on multiple factors, but the average price of a domain is around $10-15/year. You can’t avoid it – every website...

By Susan Curtis

08 Jun • Website

Is this Website Down? How to Check if Your Site is Working Worldwide

There are cases when users are unable to access your website. However, when you try to open the site yourself, you find that it’s running...

By Richard Boyett

04 Jun • Website

13 Best Image Formats and When to Use Them

Each image format is optimized for a different use, which is why it’s essential to understand their differences and know when to use them. More...

By Maya A.

12 May • Website

How to Choose a Web Hosting Provider

The first step of a website development journey is finding the right web hosting provider. Besides storing the website files and data, a hosting...

By Putri

11 May • Website

9 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Online Store

An online business without steady traffic is not going to succeed. You need a growing stream of new and returning customers to your website in order...

By Richard Boyett

03 May • Website

How Much Does Website Hosting Cost in 2021?

It’s crucial to know how much you can expect to pay upfront before purchasing a web hosting service. With the proper research, you can choose a plan...

By Maisha Rachmat

24 Mar • Website

Zyro Review: Pros and Cons of This All-In-One Website Builder

With the growth of the online business industry, people are looking for ways to create a website with minimal effort. Zyro is one of the platforms...

By Maisha Rachmat

27 Jan • Website

How to Buy a Domain Name

A domain name is how people will find your website online. That’s why it must be memorable and easy to spell. It should also be related to your...

By Angie V.

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