20 May • Email

DKIM Record: A Beginner’s Guide

Having troubles with your email marketing campaign? Spent time and money only to find out your emails land in spam folders? If you answer “yes” to...

By Bilqis A.

20 May • Email

What Are Email Headers? A Comprehensive Guide

Emails don’t come without any downside – you may be vulnerable to spam, phishing, and other malicious attacks. To know where those attacks come...

By Andrew Vickers

03 Apr • Email

How to Set Up Outlook: Complete Tutorial

If you are looking for a better way to manage emails, why not use an email client like Microsoft Outlook? It is mainly used for receiving, sending,...

By Andrew Vickers

21 Jan • Email

How to Create a Professional Email Account (and Set Up a Mail Client)

Emails have become an essential part of online communication and marketing. In this guide, we’ll show you how to create a professional email...

By Domantas G.

26 Jan • Email

How to Set up Thunderbird Email Client: A Beginner’s Guide

If you find dealing with multiple mailboxes bothersome, using an email client such as Mozilla Thunderbird can become a great solution. Mozilla...

By Domantas G.

24 May • Email

How to Set Up Zoho Mail: A Complete and In-Depth Guide

If you’re looking for an email and productivity suite solution for your business or organization, Zoho Mail is a great option.  It’s reliable,...

By Hasna

31 Mar • Email

How to Back Up Your Emails: A Complete Beginner’s Guide

It’s always a good idea to back up your emails in case you suffer from sudden data loss. If you are not sure how to make a backup copy,...

By Domantas G.

28 Mar • Email

How to Create an Email Signature in RoundCube

Introduction An e-mail signature is a block of text that is included to the end of an e-mail message you send. A signature should provide the...

By Merkys M.

16 Mar • Email

How to Forward an Email: A Step-by-Step Guide

Email forwarding is the action of re-sending an email to one or multiple recipients. It’s also one of the most useful features for ensuring a steady...

By Hasna