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Andrew is a passionate WordPress developer. He loves picking apart source code and learning new things. When he’s not working, Andrew likes to hike and play video games.

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06 Jun • Email

How to Create a Business Email Account in an Instant

Having a business email account is crucial for every company. First of all, it gives a professional impression to customers and business partners....

By Andrew Vickers

26 May • Website


SSL errors are one of the most common problems encountered by internet users. While the error message in a browser might be quite scary for beginners,...

By Andrew Vickers

26 May • WordPress

How to Fix “Serve Static Content from a Cookieless Domain” Warning

If you suddenly get the “Serve Static Content from a Cookieless Domain” warning while monitoring your website, you are definitely not alone! Many...

By Andrew Vickers

20 May • Email

What Are Email Headers? A Comprehensive Guide

Emails don’t come without any downside – you may be vulnerable to spam, phishing, and other malicious attacks. To know where those attacks come...

By Andrew Vickers

06 May • WordPress

Elementor Vs Beaver Builder – Everything You Need to Know

Do you wish for an easier way to create a WordPress website? Why not consider using a page builder plugin? It’s packed with features to build a...

By Andrew Vickers

06 May • WordPress

10 Best WordPress Menu Plugins

The menu bar on a website is not only functions as a navigation tool for exploring content, but can also be used to grab the visitors attention. In...

By Andrew Vickers

26 Apr • WordPress

8 Best WordPress Real Estate Plugins

If you are a realtor who wants to ensure the success of your business, creating a website is an absolute must. Make sure that your website is not only...

By Andrew Vickers

19 Apr • WordPress

12 Outstanding WordPress Comment Plugins

WordPress and its plugins are inseparable. Even though it is categorized as an additional feature, the use of plugins is what makes WordPress so...

By Andrew Vickers

17 Apr • WordPress

Top 25 WordPress Genesis Child Themes

So, you’ve been using free WordPress themes, premium themes or even custom made options. The content on your website is solid, so what’s stopping...

By Andrew Vickers