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How can I password protect my website / folders ? To create a password protected folder you need to go to cPanel and click on
Path to imagemagick / imagick, how to use ImageMagick ImageMagick is not supported with our hosting. You can use GD or Netpbm libraries for
How to edit/change/add CNAME or any other DNS records? You can change the CNAME or any other DNS records from the "DNS Zone Editor"
How to use remote MySQL? You need to upgrade your plan to Premium or Business to have remote mysql.
How to use shared SSL? Unfortunately we do not support shared SSL here. You can only install a trusted SSL
Where to point my domain? You can get instructions how to point your domain to our name servers from the
403 Forbidden error was encountered To fix this, please, CHMOD your public_html directory to 755. You may do this in
How to host multiple domains? If you want to manage multiple domains from same control panel, you need to use
Is Java supported here? Our servers support Javascript, but Java applets/servlets (or simply JSP) are not supported.
MySQL timeout errors If you experience MySQL timeouts, it's possible you are using heavy or very long MySQL
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