VPS Product Brand Integration Guidelines

Here’s everything you need to know about integrating the Hostinger brand into your content.

VPS Product Brand Integration Guidelines

Tips & Ideas for Great Content

You’re the expert in your field and know best what inspires your audience. Here are a few topic ideas:

Topic Ideas

    Tips & Ideas for Great Content

    The Benefits of Using VPS Services with Hostinger

    High Performance

    Hostinger VPS uses powerful hardware like NVMe SSD storage and AMD EPYC processors for fast and responsive website or app performance.

    KVM Virtualization

    Ensures separate resources for each VPS, boosting performance and stability, even on shared host servers.

    Full Root Access

    Gain full root access for total control over server customization to meet your specific requirements.


    Hostinger VPS offers scalable resources, enabling easy plan upgrades as your site or app grows, ensuring your hosting can handle increased traffic and resource demands.

    Multiple Operating System Choices

    We provide a range of OS options for VPS hosting, including Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux, and Fedora. Choose the one that suits your needs. 

    Enhanced Security

    Protect your virtual server with Hostinger's Wanguard DDoS filtering and user-friendly firewall configuration, guarding against harmful traffic and threats. Additionally, take advantage of regular server hardware monitoring to enhance security.

    One-click Applications

    We provide VPS templates with popular frameworks and CMS pre-installed for your convenience. Choose from Node.js, Django, Rails, WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal for quick deployment. Explore the options here.

    VPS AI Assistant

    AI support for a smoother VPS experience. Learn more about our AI Assistant here.

    Free Automatic Backups and Real-time Snapshots

    Store files and backups securely on your VPS with free weekly backups and easy manual snapshots for quick data protection and recovery.

    Guidance on Content

    Integrate Hostinger organically.

    Choose a relevant video topic and thematically link to Hostinger in the beginning.

    Create a Website.

    Demonstrate how you can deploy a website hassle-free.

    Use a solid CALL TO ACTION.

    Inspire the audience to launch their own websites online.

    Mention your unique URL & PROMO-CODE.

    (1) show in the video, (2) add a clickable URL in the description above the show line, and (3) in the pinned comment.

    Irrelevant Topics.

    Please don’t use irrelevant video topics, ad rolls, or sponsorship shout-outs.

    Sensitive Content.

    Please don’t associate Hostinger with sensitive, adult, political, offensive, or unlawful content.

    Examples of Brand Collaborations

    Examples from content creators who nailed it.

    About Hostinger

    Three. Two. Online

    Hostinger is recognized as the fastest-growing web hosting company. Today more than one million users reap the benefits of advanced hosting infrastructure for fast-loading small-medium websites.
    Our ambition to create the best web hosting experience led to building our native hosting panel – hPanel.
    To make your websites even faster and more reliable, we offer multiple data center locations, including the UK, Lithuania, the Netherlands, France, Brazil, India, and the USA. We also expand that list every year.
    Check out Hostinger Roadmap
    About Hostinger

    What to Pay Attention To


    Three. Two. Online. We use it as our brand element that finishes our videos or goes next to our logo. We don’t use it as a headline or a CTA text.

    We are Hostin/ŋ/er, not Hostin/j/er.

    Hostinger is pronounced with /ŋ/ like in hosting, not /dʒɚ/ as in Avenger. Here’s an epic example of how NOT to say our name.
    Check the example
    We are Hostin/ŋ/er, not Hostin/j/er.

    Approval Process

    Approval Process